It is with this in mind that we design kitchens. A contemporary lifestyle often involves a need for plenty of kitchen storage ideas, incorporated in such a way that it feels effortlessly calm, balanced and organized.  Here are the design techniques I use to achieve this. 

1. Make space for a pantry

One of our favorite kitchen design elements at Sims Hilditch (opens in new tab) is the pantry. Getting creative with storage design has a very contemporary feel to it and works well when designing a pantry. Planning the storage carefully for pantry ideas creates a solid basis for a functional kitchen, which can be worked around in the future should the need arise to reconfigure or change the aesthetic.  A cavernous cupboard with layers of shelving that fold out to reveal hidden storage within is a great addition to the space. The pantry can be used not just for food storage, but to conceal kitchen appliances, display glassware, or even host a breakfast station. 

2. Making a kitchen island work really hard

A kitchen island provides excellent storage space, including pigeon holes for chopping boards, charging drawers for phones and a space for the trash. We have also installed sinks, dishwashers and ovens into kitchen islands for some of our clients.  However, these aren’t the their only functions. Kitchen islands also create an excellent spot for socializing and preparing food. This is an important requirement for a contemporary lifestyle. Many of our clients wish for their kitchen to be the hub of the home; a welcoming place with plenty of kitchen island seating ideas to spend time with family and friends. Placing bar stools at the kitchen island is a great solution here. You might also consider creating an open-plan kitchen and dining area.

3. Shelving

For a simpler storage solution and a great idea for decorating above kitchen cabinets, I like suspended timber kitchen shelving. It looks great as an above-counter storage option, and when used on a larger scale it becomes quite the feature of a room. This can be a nice opportunity to integrate some kitchen styling into the space, displaying your nice glassware, jars, crockery and foliage.