When setting out on your basement ideas, you will also need to consider the practicalities of transforming the dark and often unwelcoming space into your favorite room of the home. Thankfully, we have lots of tips and expert advice to make it feel warm and bright. ‘A basement games room can work as the perfect multifunctional space. As well as gaming, your basement can be used for other activities, such as gathering with friends or cozying up with a book. Whatever you choose to use your games room for, the key is to make your basement into both a fun and welcoming retreat,’ says Jemma Dayman, carpet buyer at Carpetright (opens in new tab).   These basement games room ideas will encourage the whole family to spend time together and as such will prove to be an invaluable addition to your home.

Basement games room ideas

A games room provides the perfect hub for the whole family – and if you’re lacking additional space, then the basement makes a great place.  The best basement games room ideas incorporate elements of a range of different rooms into one, all-encompassing space. From television and audio ideas from movie room design to the gadgets and gizmos of an entertainment center, all combined with the character and personality of a family room. Helping to achieve the perfect balance between practicalities and decor, we have gathered our favorite basement games room ideas to help you make the most out of this versatile family space.

1. Add a bar area to your basement games room

The basement is somewhat detached from the rest of the house, and as such benefits from being self-contained. Consider incorporating home bar ideas into your basement games room so that you don’t have to leave the den to fix yourself a drink or a snack. ‘This large basement living room doubles as a gaming space and bar – what’s not to love? The large russet velvet sectional offers a generous social chill zone and the footstool is ideal for board games. This room works well due to its versatility and there are different elements that are tied together visually due to the black and tan color scheme,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

2. Add a neon sign for a bright glow

Lighting can be a challenge in basements, however, there are plenty of basement lighting ideas, that can help to brighten the space.  ‘Games rooms are a great use of basement space, as they don’t necessarily need windows or natural light. The neon sign is a fun way to create lighting and adds a zing,’ says Samantha Todhunter, founder of Samantha Todhunter Design (opens in new tab). 

3. Invest in seating that has all the hi-tech elements

4. Opt for patterned flooring underfoot

Basements can feel cold and unwelcoming. One way to deal with this is with carpet ideas. A popular choice of basement flooring ideas, carpet provides comfort, texture and a valuable layer of insulation.   ‘To create an ambient atmosphere, don’t be afraid to go bold with your carpet choice, with darker carpets adding both character and a feeling of coziness to your room,’ says Jemma Dayman, carpet buyer at Carpetright (opens in new tab).  ‘There are limitless color options, allowing you to personalize your room to its exact functions. Unlike other floorings, such as vinyl and wood, carpet allows you to move furniture around with ease and without worrying about scratching or damaging your floor, perfect for a games room where you may want to move a sofa or pool table around, for example.’

5. Keep the walls bright and airy

Bright colors are a must in a basement – with no windows, you need to make the most of all the light in the room. Incorporate as many white room ideas as you can and try decorating with mirrors to lighten the space.  ‘The downside to a basement gaming room is the lack of light, to combat this keep your walls as pale as possible unless you want a cave-like feel, which some do of course. Hanging artwork will add color and depth and a subtly textured floor will prevent the space from being too plain,’ says Lucy Searle, Global Editor in Chief, Homes & Gardens.

6. Split level design offers a cozy game zone

The 1970s trend for conversation pits is making a resurgence. While we wouldn’t recommend them as part of your living room ideas, they are a great addition to your basement.  ‘This sunken living space is ideal for those who love a gaming nook. Slightly offset from the rest of the basement area, the 3-sided sectional offers tonnes of social gathering room for gaming or watching movies,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

7. Make the most of all available space

It is the dream of many homeowners to have a home gym, and the basement games room offers the perfect opportunity. Make the most of all the available space by hanging equipment from the ceiling, as seen in this basement design. Why not go a step further and add a clever understairs seating area that could also double up as invisible storage helping to keep your basement organized? 

What can I do with an extra room in my basement?

You can use an extra room in your basement to create a basement games room. Whether you want to create the perfect space for playing board games or want to be able to host soccer table tournaments or ping-pong matches, the basement provides the perfect place to realize this dream.

How can I make my basement more lively?

Lighting is the easiest way to make a basement more lively. Bulbs with a warm glow, rather than bright white, will stop the place from feeling clinical and unwelcoming. You could even incorporate some neon signage for a modern edge.  White walls will also work to add life to the space and provide a neutral backdrop for your décor.  Finally, embrace bold decorating ideas. Slightly separate from the rest of the house you can experiment with bright colors or maximalist decor ideas in a way you might be nervous to attempt elsewhere in your home.