From easy-to-use roller blinds and fabric Roman blinds, to Venetian blinds with their adjustable slats, there’s a huge array of styles to choose from. To inspire your next bathroom ideas update we’ve rounded up a selection of bathroom blind ideas along with some handy tips from the experts.

Bathroom blind ideas – everything to consider

When choosing bathroom blind ideas there are a wealth available and each comes with its own unique benefits, so before you decide on your bathroom window treatment it’s worth thinking carefully about the look and feel you want to achieve. The best blind for your bathroom ‘can depend on the size of the bathroom and where the window is,’ says Oliver Hudson, director at Blinds by Post (opens in new tab). However ’there are a few things which should be considered,’ he adds. ‘Is the blind likely to get damp or wet (for example, in a wet room), is the bathroom particularly humid, and how much privacy is required?’ ‘For blinds that are likely to get wet regularly or deal with a significant amount of humidity, it’s advisable to select PVC and vinyl blinds, or faux wood blinds as these materials are highly water resistant and easy to wipe clean. For good light filtering and privacy, blackout Roller and Vertical blinds are a good choice,’ adds Oliver Hudson.

1. Inject pattern with printed roller blinds

If you’re looking for a practical window treatment which doesn’t compromise on style, then consider a roller blind with a beautiful design. Printed with a Chinoiserie design taken from the V&A archive, this stunning roller blind by Surface View is guaranteed to bring wow-factor and a fabulously feminine feel to your master bathroom ideas.

2. Control light with a Venetian blind

A perfect choice for a wet room or steamy shower room, Venetian blinds have adjustable slats or ’louvres’ allowing you to control light levels and privacy but they also come in water-resistant materials which are easy to wipe clean. Fitting neatly into a window frame, they are a brilliant way to enhance the streamlined look of modern bathroom ideas. 

3. Create a feature with a floral Roman blind

Roman blinds in patterned fabrics are ideal for bringing softness to bathrooms, especially in black and white bathrooms which can appear stark and clinical. Made up in Tasha’s Trip Charcoal linen by Kit Kemp at Christopher Farr Cloth and edged in Newport Galons braid from Houlès, this Roman blind has the feel of an Indian block-printed linen and pairs beautifully with the pearl-inlay furniture.  ‘For blinds or curtains to work in a bathroom, make sure the room is well-ventilated to prevent mildew developing,’ advises Yvette Murrel contributor at Homes & Gardens. ‘Avoid full-length designs – or at least ones that hang on the floor – and opt for a lightweight fabric that will not only maintain privacy while letting in light, but will also dry quicker in case they do get damp.’

4. Add a pelmet

To bring a touch of pattern and natural charm to a neutral bathroom consider a roller blind in a stylized floral print.  While they are easy to fit into recesses, the tops of roller blinds can be an eyesore, so why not hide them with a pelmet?  ‘If you’re installing a roller blind in a recess, you can now choose to have a smart pelmet made in a matching fabric to cover the roll. This has revolutionised the use of roller blinds, making them much more attractive and so usable in all rooms of a house! You could even choose a contrasting color for a playful twist,’ says Vanessa Arbuthnott.

5. Keep it simple with a Venetian blind

If you have a bathroom boasting beautiful architectural features such as characterful roof beams then make them the star of the show by opting for a neutral palette, natural materials and a simple white Venetian bathroom blind to complete the look. A brilliant country bathroom idea, Venetian blinds can come in either composite or wood-impression materials suitable for moist environments and are available in an array of finishes from white for a minimal scheme or wood-effect which would beautifully complement stone tiles and wood furniture.

6. Brighten a small bathroom

Opting for all-white walls is a small bathroom idea guaranteed to make spaces feel more bright and airy, however it can leave spaces lacking in personality. Adding a Roman blind in a bold fabric is an easy way to inject life into tiny bathroom where scope for adding color and print my be limited. For fresh, timeless look try a demin blue fabric with a subtle repeat design as done in this scheme by Sims Hildtich (opens in new tab).

7. Create a color contrast

Roman blinds are an easy way to inject color, pattern and personality into a bathroom. When set outside a window frame, as done here, they can work well teamed with shutters to bring increased flexibility over lighting and privacy.  For a playful bathroom idea consider a blind in a contrasting color to your bathroom furniture. Sitting opposite each other on the color wheel, pink and green make a harmonious yet eye-catching combination.  ‘We always recommend being adventurous when it comes to color in bathrooms, as secondary spaces they’re a great place to experiment,’ says Lucy Barlow, creative director, Barlow & Barlow (opens in new tab).

8. Block out the light

If you’re looking to create a spa-like luxury bathroom where you can truly shut off from the world then why not try black out bathroom blind? Fitted with a black out linings, these window treatments can block out the light for when you want an atmospheric space to unwind complete with flickering candles and essential oils.  ‘Generally speaking, black out Roman (or roller) blinds are suitable for use in bathrooms. Unless the bathroom isn’t used very much, or you’re quite happy with a very relaxed look, we would advise avoiding 100% linen fabrics because the fabric shifts and moves (stretches) with changes of temperature and humidity,’ says Harry Cole, founder of Loom & Last (opens in new tab).  ‘A cotton/linen mix or a viscose/linen mix would probably be ok but it’s safest to stick to 100% cotton.  Like all fabrics, natural fabrics are susceptible to damage/mould and the key to keeping your bathroom blinds mould and mildew free is to keep your bathroom well ventilated to ensure the fabric has a chance to air and dry.’ To enhance the spa-like feel why not opt for a luxurious roll top such as this lustrous copper design from William Holland (opens in new tab)?

9. Create calm with neutral tones

Neutral palettes are popular when it comes to decorating bathrooms as they keep spaces feeling bright and fresh. To ensure they have depth and interest try layering fabrics and surfaces in a mix of muted shades with subtle patterns. In this space the veining of natural marble and a subtle a warm, natural fabric blind with a botanical print both serve to add a hint of decorative interest to this pared-back space.

10. Choose a timeless stripe

For a subtle touch of pattern that will add interest and softness to a bathroom without over-powering a scheme you can’t go wrong with a natural fabric bathroom blind with a simple stripe. If you have a small bathroom then consider a vertical stripe as this will help draw your eye upwards and accentuate the height of the room.

What blind is best for a bathroom?

Roller blinds and Venetian blinds in water-resistant materials are two of the best solutions when it comes to window treatment ideas for bathrooms say the experts. ‘As bathrooms are usually quite steamy rooms, roller blinds with polyester or polyester mix fabric are practical choices as they are resistant to damp and humid conditions and are easy to wipe clean,’ says Leah Aspinall, head of creative at of Blinds2Go (opens in new tab). ‘Alternatively Wood Impression venetian blinds offer the look of real wood but with the water resistance suitable to a bathroom environment.’

Are roller blinds good for bathrooms?

Roller blinds are great window treatments for a bathroom as they are easy to use and give a seamless look, plus they come in an array of decorative prints allowing you to add a pop of color and pattern alongside an array of other benefits. ‘Roller blinds are a perfect choice if you are looking to maximise daylight and make smaller windows appear taller,’ adds Harry Cole, founder of Loom & Last (opens in new tab). ‘Neat and tidy, they roll up and hide a small portion of the window pane ensuring full visibility and sunlight throughout the day.’ ‘Roller blinds work well in bathrooms as the fabrics are processed so can be wiped more easily and are more resilient against the humidity and damp atmosphere,’ say the interior design team at Designers Guild. (opens in new tab)