Adding color, character and style, choosing to display artwork for your bedroom wall decor ideas can add beautiful visual interest to the space, as well as make the room feel more inviting, personal and creative. When planning your bedroom ideas, elements such as artwork can bring your whole scheme together, whether that’s through mirroring the color palette used throughout the rest of the room, or creating a unique element of contrast, decorating with art can be a truly versatile visual tool in interior design.

Bedroom art ideas

From striking gallery walls to advice on where is best to put art in the bedroom, we have curated a range ideas, as well as spoken to the experts, to provide you with some beautiful inspiration for your bedroom art ideas.

1. Coordinate with your scheme

Choosing art that coordinates with your scheme, whether you take the lead from the art and pick out certain colors from the piece to use for paint, fabric and furnishings, or choose a new piece that fits in with your existing design, can create an enhanced feeling of cohesion. In this bright and colorful bedroom, the abstract painting works perfectly with the bright colors used for the furniture, accessories and bedroom paint ideas. When it comes to decorating with bright colors in the home, Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown Paints (opens in new tab) states, ‘we have found that people are experimenting with abstract paint effects, and unexpected colors. Gone are the days are opting for greys, beiges and creams. Nowadays there are no colors should be avoided for specific rooms.’  As shown in this bedroom, the use of bright color throughout creates a truly inviting space, with the abstract artwork uniting all the separate colors together as one, a great look for modern bedroom ideas.

2. Place artwork above the bed

Jen & Mar, co-founders of Interior Fox (opens in new tab) state, ’the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and the area above is the perfect spot for artwork. For maximum impact in a smaller room, opt for larger pieces of art over the bed to bring the scheme together. If you’re stuck for what color or design to opt for, take this opportunity to pull in an accent color. Whether that’s black used in the furniture or a color from the soft furnishings, sticking to this rule will make the room flow and feel cohesive.’ In this bedroom by Ginny Macdonald Design (opens in new tab) the Willem de Kooning artwork placed above the bed creates an attractive focal point in the space, as well as creating a bright element of contrast compared to the deep blue painted walls.

3. Embrace a theme

Choosing a collection of artwork that shares the same theme, design focus or color palette can make for an attractive visual statement in the bedroom.  As shown in this space, an elegant example of blue bedroom ideas, delicate flowers have been pressed and framed to create a beautiful above the bed decor idea that celebrates the beauty of the natural world.  With references to nature often creating a calming, relaxed space in interior design, this botanical display is ideal for the bedroom, coordinating perfectly with the natural wicker and rattan.

A popular design feature used across the home, gallery wall ideas are great for showcasing a range of unique artistic designs, maximizing the impact and focus on artwork in a room. Not just for living room art ideas, creating a gallery wall in your bedroom can establish an eye-catching feature wall that celebrates your favorites artists, colors and designs, as shown in this elegant bedroom by Neptune (opens in new tab), a charming look for country bedroom ideas. Great for adding texture and interest above the bed or for an empty wall space in a large bedroom, a gallery wall is a beautiful option for bedroom art ideas.

5. Choose an eclectic mix of designs 

In this pretty pastel bedroom, bedroom art ideas have been taken quite literally, with a traditional wooden paint palette mounted above the bed. With the framed pressed flower stem creating an elegant contrast with the organic shape of the palette, the mix of materials, shapes and designs creating an eye-catching decorative display.  When planning wall decor ideas, using an eclectic mix of designs can not only create talking points when people walk into a room, it can help to add character and identity to your space.

6. Zone the space and curate a collection

Great for small bedroom ideas, creating a zoned area in the room for your artwork and other decorative designs, such as on top of a cabinet or on a shelf, can not only establish an eye-catching decorative display, it can help to make space for more practical items such as wardrobes, mirrors and shelving. In this calming bedroom space by Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design (opens in new tab), the contemporary artwork, ornaments and accessories all embody the same ‘sophisticated palette of colors’ which was one of the focuses for the room. With the abstract artwork taking center stage, the other, layered items add depth, texture and personality, establishing an attractive, artistic zone in the bedroom.

7. Incorporate a beautiful mural

Tobie Lewis, senior brand manager at Valspar Paint (opens in new tab) says, ‘a large, colorful mural is an excellent way to create a unique and impactful space in your home. Our bedrooms are an essential part of our home for relaxation and choosing the right color is important, when it comes to sleep and enhancing our sleep environment. Darker blues, purples and warming neutrals are great colors to use for your bedroom. It is also a place to have fun and using a large mural with these colors in mind is an excellent way to create a unique and peaceful space in your home.’ As shown in this bedroom, the tropical mural, defined by palm trees, turrets and monkeys on beautiful blue background, is both calming and compelling simultaneously. Working wonderfully with the pink bed, the colors and artistic mural design create a stunning bedroom space that is truly unique, a great example of wall mural ideas.

8. Keep it simple

In this inviting bedroom, decorated in beautiful wallpaper and fabrics by Morris & Co (opens in new tab), a lovely design fitting for traditional bedroom ideas, a very small framed painting has been placed beside the bed and below the wall light.  Even though this artwork is small in size, it creates an eye-catching contrast with the bright color palette used in the rest of the room, coordinating with the more natural, neutral palette of the wooden chair and carpet. Your bedroom art ideas do not always have to be big and bold, smaller designs like this can still add visual interest and intrigue to the space.

9. Use artwork to create contrast

Using artwork in a bedroom is a great way to bring in an accent color and an element of contrast to the space. As shown in this bedroom by Susie Novak Interiors (opens in new tab), the characterful, vivid yellow artwork adds a dynamic element of vibrancy and color to the monochrome scheme, uniting a mix of styles and contrasts to create a stylish, contemporary sleep space. Using artwork is a versatile option for bedroom accent wall ideas, and if your style or taste changes over time, you can easily freshen up the space and swap at old designs for new pieces.

10. Pick a pretty pair

In this bedroom by Neptune, painted in a gorgeous saffron yellow, the two framed floral artworks add a simple yet stylish statement above the bed.  Looking to symmetry in interior design can help you decide on how and where is best to place the artwork in your bedroom. As shown in this space, the pretty pair of designs mirror the size of the double bed and the matching bedside tables and lamps. Creating a balanced, aesthetically pleasing design, this bedroom feels thoughtfully styled, cozy and relaxing.

11. Make a feature of your wallpaper

If you’ve chosen a stand-out wallpaper for your bedroom wallpaper ideas, for a unique artwork idea, why not get creative with some paneling to frame the design, letting it truly take center stage in the space. As shown in this bedroom decorated by Sanderson Design (opens in new tab), a stunning example of maximalist decor ideas, golden paneling has been created to frame the beautiful Golden Lily wallpaper.  An innovative wall feature and focal point in the room, great for wall paneling ideas, these framed wallpaper panels are a simple and easy way to elevate the wallpaper design in your bedroom, as after all, wallpaper is a stunning medium of artwork in its own right.

What kind of art is good for the bedroom?

Your bedroom is a deeply personal retreat away from the busyness of the rest of the home, so the main thing to remember when planning on how to choose art for this space is picking designs that are reflective of your identity and that can integrate into the space. Nic Shacklock, head of marketing at Online Bedrooms (opens in new tab) states, ‘finishing touches can upscale an average bedroom to a breath-taking place. Making simple changes such as having a selection of books angled on the bed side table, or art pieces on walls which help influence the resting place of your dreams.’ For many of us, working with a calming color palette and choosing restful designs to enhance the feeling of tranquility is a good option for the bedroom. However, colorful, impactful designs can work just as well if this is more your style, as these designs can still be calming and inviting. Ultimately, it is completely up to you what artwork to put in your bedroom, as whatever design you choose will make the space feel more personal and unique to you.

What should I hang on my bedroom wall?

Whether you opt for large artwork for above the bed, or create a stunning gallery wall of a mixture of sized pieces and designs, there are options to suit all styles and spaces.  Nature inspired designs are becoming increasingly popular throughout the home, and can work wonderfully in a bedroom, with beautiful floral and botanical displays a versatile choice for both calming and bold designs. Establishing a mix of both practical and decorative designs on the wall space in your bedroom will ensure the room remains beautiful as well as functional.