Using nothing more than new furniture, vintage accessories, and clever kitchen color ideas, the label renovated the space they had designed eight years prior when the showroom first opened. And because deVOL furniture is ‘designed to last forever,’ the designers built upon the original cabinetry that has sat in place since 2014. Here’s what deVOL’s traditional kitchen ideas involved – and how to recreate elements in your kitchen.

Before – a raw Shaker kitchen

As the label’s first showroom in London, they inevitably filled it ’top to toe’ with their most popular pieces. This included their Shaker cabinetry that was painted in a dark ‘Pantry Blue’ paint and the Dairy Table that takes center stage post-renovation.  While these blue paint ideas are synonymous with the brand, the space was ready for a brighter, more optimistic renovation that pays homage to the kitchen trends of the moment. ‘Investing in great quality cupboards doesn’t mean you can’t ever have a refresh if you fancy it,’ the designers say.  To begin the renovation, deVOL interrupted the Pantry Blue with a pop of sunny Scullery Yellow in the internals. Next, they replaced the hardware with knobs and handles from their Heirloom Brass range – for a warmer, more polished look that complements the yellow touches. ‘[It is] amazing how just a pot of paint and a change of handles can totally transform a space,’ they say. ‘We could have stopped there and been happy, but… we couldn’t resist adding in even more newness.’

After – a timeless kitchen in a modern space

The transformed kitchen epitomizes classic kitchen ideas in a contemporary urban setting – with a made-over Dairy Table (above) that demands attention in the space.  ‘The Dairy Table (opens in new tab) now takes center stage in this room and works so well with the simple Shaker furniture,’ the designers say. ‘This traditional table is perhaps not something you would immediately imagine for a quirky London property, but actually, it works perfectly and proves you don’t need an old manor house for this style to work.’ The image above shows the Cream Subway Tiles that are a permanent nod to the present, despite the addition of nostalgic appliances and accessories around the kitchen. These include an iron Pot Hanger above the Lacanche cooker and Café Curtain Rails with wispy white linen.  ‘We are very pleased with the new space and how different it feels. If you like classic, simple and unfussy deVOL styling and cupboards, this is the place for you,’ the designers add.  Will you take the paintbrush to your cabinetry?