This style of brewing has been popular for around a hundred years, but French presses never go out of style. Because the best coffee makers will need to be plugged into a power socket to make your morning brew, they won’t be the most suitable choice for those who want to make coffee as they travel, or who simply don’t need another wire cluttering their counters.  Lovers of strong, rich coffee will find that a French press is a perfect choice for them. By opting for immersion brewing over the infusion method used in pour-over coffee lovers, you’ll end up with an unimpeded flavor and a say in how long your grounds bloom and steep, giving you complete control.

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The best French press coffee makers 2022

For all you coffee aficionados out there, the Espro P7 won’t disappoint. Consistently brewing up the perfect cup of coffee, it is the ultimate splurge and one you won’t regret. Everything at Espro is 35% off with code BEST35 through Nov. 30th when you shop the site directly. Our pick belongs to the stainless steel Espro P7 and it’s thoughtfully designed with a two-stage filter and extra tight seal for delicious French Press coffee.  It’s even now available in festive colors like Cranberry and Aegean Blue, and the renowned specialty coffee brand has French Press models (opens in new tab) starting at just $25 to suit every price point.  The Bodum Chambord is one of the most iconic French Press designs out there, and at this under $25 price, we’re sharing our love for French Press coffee with everyone we know. The timeless design uses a glass carafe that sits snugly in a stainless steel frame, making it less likely to break than most glass counterparts, and creates coffee that undoubtedly produces an unrivaled rich and silky cup. The 12 oz. size makes three 4oz. cups of coffee, and bigger sizes are available too if you’re brewing for more than just a single person.  We’re under the impression that Brim’s French Presses are being phased out based on this low low price, but we find the Brim to be one of the easiest options to clean, and it’s fully dishwasher safe. The unique wood and stainless steel accent design is a distinct look, too. Thoughtfully designed with a two-stage filter and extra tight seal, the Espro P7 French press makes an exceptionally tasty cup of coffee. Available in 18 and 32 ounces, your morning routine will appreciate this upgrade!  Shatter-resistant material The durable stainless steel body won’t break if dropped, making the Espro P7 French press an awesome traveling companion and perfect for those with kids. Stainless steel is also known to keep beverages hot for long periods of time. If you’re used to reheating your coffee twelve times a day (guilty) this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.  Double filtered I’m sure there are people out there who don’t mind a mouthful of coffee grounds, but I am not one of them. With its signature double filtration system, Espro promises a smooth cup of coffee every time. The double lip seal does a great job keeping grittiness at bay.  Easy to clean Is there a single person who enjoys cleaning their coffee maker? Not that I’m aware of, and that’s why this is worth mentioning. The Espro is super simple to clean, dishwasher safe, and the seal doesn’t loosen with washes.  The Bodum Chambord French press takes the cake for the ‘Most Beautiful’ coffee maker, and in my opinion, is beautiful enough for a permanent place on your countertops. Aesthetically, it’s almost too pretty to use. Scratch that – please use it, because it makes delish coffee. Dating back to the early 1900s, Bodum is a founding father in the coffee world. Still going strong, their coffee makers and accessories are truly one of a kind. Perfect for a gift or to treat yourself, this is one of my favorites!  Classic design Don’t let the intricate design fool you, this French press is actually quite simple to use. Comprised of a glass carafe that sits snug in a stainless steel frame, it is less likely to break than most glass counterparts. Sleek and thoughtfully designed, I think the Bodum Chambord is worthy of permanent counter space!  Notably flavorful coffee French press-style coffee is consistently more flavorful than other brews. The Bodum, however, produces an unrivaled rich and silky cup. The instructions specify the user uses coarsely ground beans, and perhaps that is the difference. Finely ground beans produce less flavor, and oftentimes make their way through the filter. Environmentally friendly I don’t plan on attending the UN Climate Change Summit anytime soon, but if there’s an opportunity to go green, why not take it? Bodum as a brand utilizes entirely natural products. They incorporate glass, steel, wood and bamboo into their beautiful pieces, and they’re all ethically sourced.  Following on the heels of the best coffee grinders, Fellow products are built to reignite how you feel about your morning caffeine.  Enter the Clara French Press, designed to improve upon everything we know and love about French press coffee with smart upgrades to the experience like a 360-degree pour spout, non-stick interior for easier cleaning, ratio aid lines, and don’t even get me started on its design-forward looks.  Unique design Truly more cylindric in nature, this modern-looking French Press is available in a matte black, or with a wood accent. The design looks good without being fussy. The top can be placed on at any angle, and the ultra-fine mesh filter helps brew smooth and rich flavors.  Coffee stays hot for longer The Heat Lock Double Wall Vacuum body is made of 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel keeps coffee hot and consistent long after the coffee is brewed. Not to mention, the design is durable against accidental drops.  Fool-proof prep While measuring is typically considered a required component of making French Press Coffee, Fellow incorporates subtle ratio aid fill lines to take out the measuring guesswork. Though if you still want to properly measure, the recipe calls for 60 grams of coffee and 840 grams of water. The non-stick interior and one-piece mesh filter also make clean-up easier. It even includes an agitation stick, to serve as a good reminder to agitate coffee for better extraction.  Timeless design with a ten year warranty, Le Creuset is always a great choice and has a rich history of high-quality products. The kind of products that are handed down from grandma and stay in the family for years. Definite investment pieces, this is one brand you will be happy you splurged for. Not only do they have a chic aesthetic, but they’re also durable and can withstand temperatures up to 500°F.  Classic Le Creuset look I can spot a Le Creuset Dutch oven from a mile away, and the French press is no different. With its beautiful glaze and vibrant colors, this coffee maker is a timeless classic. This particular model is available in 11 colors, and they’re all equally eye-catching.  Versatile In addition to being ultra heat-resistant, Le Creuset stoneware is also safe to pop in the fridge. Reviewers swear by this for cold brew coffee, and naturally, we had to test their theory. It’s confirmed, Le Creuset French press makes an irresistible cold brew. Just make sure you use coarsely ground beans, as they yield the tastiest results!  Durable Stoneware is great because it’s non-porous and strong. This provides protection against any funky odors and staining. The non-porous material is advantageous for anyone who may switch up flavor profiles in their French press. Perfect for hopping between coffee and teas, the floral notes and seasoned beans will not absorb into the stoneware.  Double layered You’ll be thanking Mueller for its double-layered design as you sip your hot coffee. Made of professional-grade stainless steel, it is also long-lasting and will never rust.  Great for alternative uses The multi-layer design of the plunger makes this French press a good replacement for milk frothers and infusing teas and oils. To froth milk, simply pour hot milk in the press and move the plunger up and down quickly. Because you’ll be creating bubbles and moving fast, don’t fill the carafe up too full!  I love this Brim French press. It’s a well-designed kitchen gadget that produces a solid cup of coffee, quickly. Compared to other glass models, this one is much sturdier. Borosilicate glass has special properties that make it less likely to break, and much less likely to crack with sudden temperature changes. The extra filter was a nice touch, too, as regardless of use, any filter can get icky as time goes on. Cleaning this French press was also a breeze, which I can appreciate.  Great for cold brew Did you know cold brew is nearly 70% less acidic than its hot coffee counterpart? Word on the street is this Brim French press makes a delightful cup of cold brew, extra smooth and rich in flavor.  Dishwasher safe Most French presses say they’re ‘dishwasher safe’ when referring to the carafe. This model is completely dishwasher safe, though. Including the filter lid and plunger! Testers claim the Brim 8 Cup French Press is by far the easiest to clean, a time saver for sure.   Stanley is perhaps most well-known for camping equipment, but this French press is literally so good you may find yourself using it every day. Unlike glass beakers, the double-wall insulation of this French press keeps coffee hot for up to four hours and is incredibly straightforward to use.  Lifetime warranty When a company offers a lifetime warranty, you know they stand behind their product. This stood out to me and just screams quality. You can feel confident if anything goes awry with your French press, Stanley will work to make the situation right.  Durable I’m convinced if I ran this French press through my washer and dryer, it would survive. I didn’t test this theory, but I’m certain it’s true. Stanley builds tough products for the rugged outdoors, and this coffee maker is no exception. Made of stainless steel with double insulation, this French press travels well and won’t break on you anytime soon!

How we selected the best French Presses

We put a lot of thought into how we test the best coffee makers, especially specialty makers like French Presses. Our team has had hands-on experience with each We consider factors like how easy they are to set up, the quality of the coffee they’re able to produce, our thoughts on the user experience, the all-important cleaning process, and of course any noteworthy design features that set them apart from the competition. 

How to use a French press

Starbucks has nothing on the flavor or convenience a fresh cup of French press coffee can offer.  Sleek and straightforward, a French press is perfect for anyone with limited time or counter space. Similar to the best single-serve coffee makers, French presses also typically brew smaller quantities, only what you need. Additionally, they don’t rely on a heating plate to stay warm, so you never have to worry about burnt beans (yuck). All of the above picks can whip up fresh coffee in under four minutes and require no paper filter or electricity. To prevent any confusion, a European ‘cup’ is about half of what Americans are used to, weighing in at a mere 4 oz.   What many people don’t realize is traditional brewing loses flavor in the filter. Oils are lost in the paper and never make their way into the coffee. The steeping process coffee goes through using French press results in a rich and bold profile you won’t find anywhere else.  Follow these tips for how to use a French press below, and you’ll be sipping away in no time:

Measure your coffee grounds (freshly ground coarse beans offer the best flavors, and we have several thoughts on the best coffee grinder)Add coffee to carafeCarefully add hot water, not boiling, into carafe and stir gentlyPut plunger in carafe slowly, and follow directions to properly seal the unitSteep for roughly four minutes, depending on your preferred strengthLower the plunger steadily until you can’t press any furtherOpen the spout, pour and enjoy

Don’t forget to store your coffee grounds properly, and in a coffee canister. If this will be going on your countertop, you’ll want to make sure this coffee canister is pretty, too.

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