Just like our best outdoor furniture stores, we have created a list of the very best, H&G-approved furniture stores. Whether you’re looking for simple and affordable or statement and designer pieces, our mix of brands, design styles and price points means there are options for all when exploring the best indoor furniture stores. From the best places to buy a couch, to the best places to buy bedroom furniture, your chosen furniture pieces can really make a difference in making your house a home and creating a unique, personal space that reflects your style and identity.  Whether you’re shopping for larger items such as the best couches and best sleeper sofas, or are adding the finishing touches with smaller accents such as coffee tables and shelving, all of your furniture items need to work in perfect harmony to create an inviting, comfortable, functional and of course, stylish living space.

Best indoor furniture stores

While we may not have tested all of furniture discussed in this guide from our favorite stores, the H&G teams’ expert shopping and customer understanding, and awareness of the latest trends and the most successful brands, can support your decision-making when choosing designs for your space from the best outdoor furniture stores. For further information about how we conduct our reviews and for our product-testing process explained, explore how we test on Homes & Gardens.  Explore our guide below on the best indoor furniture stores so you can transform your home from bare to beautiful with the very best in furniture design.

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1. West Elm (opens in new tab)

With an extensive collection of furniture, lighting and accessories that embrace a calming, classic and elegant style, West Elm is an expert in creating timeless designs that can effortlessly integrate into homes of all ages and styles. We love their use of cozy, neutral color palettes and warming natural materials for their furniture designs, as well as their innovative design collaborations and initiatives such as the West Elm x Herproject (opens in new tab), which focuses on women empowerment and fairness in the workplace. Editors pick: Mid-Century Expandable Dining Table (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

2. Anthropologie (opens in new tab)

Anthropologie is renowned for its colorful, eclectic, and Bohemian collection of furniture designs – whatever you choose is bound to make a stylish statement. Their current collection features collaborations with other leading furniture brands and homeware designers, such as House of Hackney (opens in new tab), Matilda Goad (opens in new tab) and Amber Lewis (opens in new tab). Great for creating a relaxed, dreamy, Boho-inspired look, their designs always feature the latest trends yet always feel beautifully unique, great for bedroom furniture ideas. Editors pick: Wallace Cane and Oak Bed (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

3. McGee & Co. (opens in new tab)

Interior design powerhouse Studio McGee (opens in new tab) have taken the world by storm with their beautiful interior designs and Dream House Makeovers. Their shop, McGee & Co. features home decor and furnishings all curated by the designers at Studio McGee. Their mantra of uniting timeless, traditional styles with modern, innovative concepts sees an enduring collection of furniture designs to choose from, whether you’re shopping for relaxed, informal pieces or more elegant and sophisticated designs. Editors pick: Hadden Counter Stool (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$$-$$$$

4. Target (opens in new tab)

One of the most affordable homeware brands, Target has a huge selection of stylish, budget-friendly furniture designs to choose from. From functional storage and shelving, ideal for entryway furniture ideas, to eye-catching upholstery, their current collections include collaborations with brands and designers such as Studio McGee (opens in new tab), Joanna Gaines (opens in new tab) and Jungalow™ (opens in new tab). Editors pick: Loring Console Table - Project 62™ (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

5. 2Modern (opens in new tab)

To shop all of your favorite, designer furniture brands in one place, it doesn’t get better than 2Modern. From iconic, Scandinavian brands such as Carl Hansen, Menu, and Muuto, to applauded designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and Herman Miller – if you’re looking into buying designer furniture, then 2Modern is the place for you. Editors Pick: Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$$-$$$$$

6. Lulu and Georgia (opens in new tab)

Championing accessible, timeless, and on-trend furniture designs for the style obsessed, we love everything Lulu and Georgia have to offer. Rich with sculptural shapes, natural materials, and calming color palettes, Lulu and Georgia also have plenty of collaborations under their belt, from a new rug collection with Jake Arnold, (opens in new tab)  to furniture collections with Ginny McDonald (opens in new tab) and Sarah Sherman Samuel (opens in new tab). Editors pick: Tobie Dining Chair Black (Set Of 2) (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

7. Ikea (opens in new tab)

One of the most popular and successful furniture stores in the world, Swedish furniture giants Ikea are loved for their stylish, affordable, and universal flatpack furniture designs; rooted in simple and functional Scandinavian design. With a huge variety of furniture available, we love that their furniture caters to spaces of all styles and sizes – from compact studio apartments to large family homes. If you don’t want your piece of Ikea furniture to look like everyone else’s, try one of our innovative Ikea hacks. Editors pick: Hemnes Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

8. Serena and Lily (opens in new tab)

If you’re exploring coastal decor ideas for your home, then Serena and Lily are one of the best indoor furniture stores for you. From deep sea blues, to warm sandy yellows, coastal decor draws on colors, textures, architecture, and the natural landscape of the sea and the shore. We love Serena and Lily’s breezy Californian beach house style and their use of calming color palettes and natural materials. Editors Pick: Beach House Chair (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$$-$$$$$

9. Burrow (opens in new tab)

We love the seating selection available at Burrow, ideal for living room furniture ideas. From cozy loveseats to large sectionals, their couches come in a variety of different colors, and fabrics, and with other matching furniture pieces. Burrow pride themselves on creating couches that have limitless configuration options, creating adaptable pieces of furniture that can easily grow with the modern home over time. As well as seating, Burrow has a great collection of tables, storage, and beds. Editors pick: Field Leather 4-Piece Sectional Lounger (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$$-$$$$

10. Hay (opens in new tab)

Danish design icons Hay are renowned for their confident use of color and for working with designers across the globe to create modern, functional furniture designs for the home. Some of their most popular collections and pieces include Palissade by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (opens in new tab), About A furniture collection by Hee Welling (opens in new tab) and the beautiful Quilton Sofa by Doshi Levien (opens in new tab). Editors Pick: Rey Chair (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

11. Ferm Living (opens in new tab)

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Ferm Living’s philosophy is rooted in helping to create comfortable and calming spaces through sculptural shapes, organic, natural textures, and earthy, neutral color palettes. We love their use of scale and form, and how their designs can sit like unique sculptures and works of art in the home. Editors Pick: Feve Desk (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

12. Kaiyo (opens in new tab)

More and more of us are choosing to shop second-hand when it comes to buying furniture for the home, and brands such as Kaiyo have a beautiful, curated collection of designs to choose from. From products from iconic brands such as Herman Miller and Knoll to beautiful mid-century sideboards and designs from well-loved brands such as West Elm and Pottery Barn, if you have a product or brand in mind, it’s always worth checking sites such as Kaiyo to see if you can get a second-hand design for less! Editors Pick: Knoll Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

13. Castlery (opens in new tab)

With a huge range of quality, modern furniture available at affordable prices, Castlery strives to beat ‘fast furniture’ trends and create timeless pieces that can last. We love their mix of mid-century modern and contemporary styles and how their designs feel simple yet enduringly elegant. Editors Pick: Miles Extendable Dining Table with Bench and 2 Chairs (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

14. Frontgate (opens in new tab)

Designed to suit everyday living, as well as to enhance spaces when hosting and entertaining, Frontgate has an extensive selection of furniture, for both indoors and outdoors. We love their selection of games room furniture, with designs that can double up as stylish dining room tables and fun table tennis or football tables – ideal for family room furniture ideas. Editors Pick: Brooks Pool Table (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$-$$$$

15. CB2 (opens in new tab)

With stores across the whole of the US and Canada, from Chicago to Toronto, where you can shop beautiful modern furniture and have in-store design appointments and design consultations, CB2 know what they’re talking about when it comes to furniture. We love how luxurious CB2 designs can look and feel in the home and their offering of statement furniture designs. Editors Pick: Peekaboo Acrylic Tall Coffee Table (opens in new tab) Pricing: $$$-$$$$$

Buying advice: how to choose the best indoor furniture

Before you start shopping across the best indoor furniture stores, you need to think carefully about the size of your space, layout, budget, design style, and the longevity and durability of your chosen furniture piece – rushing into buying furniture without a proper plan will only lead to awkward interior design mistakes (opens in new tab). Size: Carefully measuring up your room and choosing a piece of furniture that will fit may seem obvious but plenty of us get it wrong, so check, check and check again! Don’t be afraid to size up your furniture however, playing with scale in interior design can create beautiful schemes and really make the most out of the space available. Layout: If you’re buying a collection of new pieces for a room and starting from fresh, try to roughly plan out where you want the furniture to be before you make a purchase, this will ensure all items sit comfortably together and look good in the space. Budget: As we have explored in this guide, there are indoor furniture stores that can cater to all budgets. Setting yourself a max budget before you start shopping will help you make sensible and reasonable purchases. Design / Overall Look: Of course, you want to buy a piece of furniture that looks good! Whether you’re going for a maximalist look, or a serene Scandinavian vibe, thinking about your overall design style will only make for a more cohesive scheme. Longevity / Durability: Yes, we all want our homes to look good, but we also need them to be able to stand the test of time and meet the demands of busy, modern-day life. Choosing pieces that have been made from quality materials and that can adapt to your home for years to come will lead to more long-lasting and sustainable purchases.

How do I choose a good furniture store?

As we have discussed above, there are many things to consider when buying furniture for the home, so when you’re choosing a good furniture store, ensure to think carefully about these important factors and how a store can meet those needs.  Ultimately, when you’re buying furniture, you want to buy something of quality and something that reflects your style, but remember to also take into consideration a stores’ shipping & delivery, returns, customer service, and product warranty.

Some of the most popular furniture styles right now include:

Multifunctional, adaptable furniture (modular, multipurpose pieces)Inspiration from the natural world (natural materials, organic forms, earthy color palettes)Maximalist (bold colors, contrasting materials and shapes)Vintage and retro (eclectic mix of modern and classic furniture design)Sustainable and secondhand (thrifting, products made from recycled materials)