However, if you’re looking to invest in the hottest housing market, real estate platform Zillow has predicted Tampa as one of the best places to buy in the US for 2022. 2021 saw houses selling at a record-breaking pace and often price. Zillow predicts that next year could see another strong year for the housing market, forecasting 14.3 percent national home value growth through November 2022. However, Tampa is expected to soar past this with home values growing 24.6 percent during that time. Imagine what you could do with a combination of that prediction and the best return on investment home improvements.

Best place to buy a house in US in 2022

The analysis was based on expected home value appreciation, the amount of for-sale inventory, and job opportunities. Alongside Tampa, here are the four other locations predicted to have the hottest housing markets in the US in 2022.

1. Tampa, Florida

Zillow insists that a combination of factors will make Tampa in Florida one of the most desirable US cities for buyers. ‘Tampa is predicted to be the hottest market for 2022 due to a combination of reasons, keeping sellers in the driver’s seat into 2022,’ says Zillow (opens in new tab) economist, Nicole Bachaud. ‘Tampa’s home values are projected to grow 24.6% this year, a strong forecasted growth that helped land it at the top of this list. Additionally, a thriving job market, relatively scarce and fast-moving inventory, year-round sunny weather, and demographics that indicate a good number of potential buyers all contributed to Tampa taking the number one spot.’ If you’re looking for the best place to buy a vacation home in Florida, or even a permanent move Tampa could be it.

2. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville also in Florida came in second as one of the most popular and best places to buy a house this year.  ‘The Jacksonville metro area is one of the most exciting markets to buy in right now because it is fair to both sellers and buyers,’ says Lazaro Marganon, Leader of The Marganon Group based in Jacksonville. ‘We have a somewhat competitive market that is not ballooning home prices nor is coming at below-asking prices.’ ‘My favorite places to look at in the area are Sawgrass and Fleming Island.’

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh in North Carolina has been attracting homebuyers in huge numbers since 2020 thanks to the low cost of living and job opportunities. ‘Raleigh, North Carolina will give your property sustained appreciation. In college areas like Raleigh, you can count on a stable marketplace for homes,’ says Daniel Osman, Head of Sale at Balance Homes (opens in new tab). He adds that if you’re looking to invest in a property to rent out Raleigh is a reliable investment. ‘Many buyers will be looking to purchase homes remotely to rent the property out to itinerant students, which means real estate will always be in demand, no matter the state of the local economy.’ ‘In other words, Raleigh gives you sustained appreciation–and the flexibility to rent your property out for additional income. However, if the City isn’t for you, just under 2 hours from Raleigh is Little Washington one of the best places to buy a beach house in North Carolina.

4. San Antonio, Texas

Austin topped the list as 2021’s hottest housing market, however, nearby San Antonio, Texas, is expected to draw a lot of attention this year. ‘Homes that are priced well are drawing multiple bids due to tight inventory and steadily increasing value prices,’ explains Gordon von Broock, Douglas Elliman (opens in new tab) agent. ‘There is currently a lot of attention on Austin, but with San Antonio only an hour away, people are starting to discover it in a big way.’ ‘It is a no-brainer as far as investment and return,’ he adds. ‘With the rolling Texas Hill Country along with nearby lakes and beaches, it makes for a phenomenal playground for owning multiple properties similar to that of a New Yorker owning a house in the Hamptons.’

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte in North Carolina is both a University Town and both a financial and business hub making it attractive to young professionals. ‘We’re continuing to see lots of young professionals and families move to North Carolina,’ says Jon Enberg, Charlotte General Manager at Opendoor (opens in new tab). ‘Charlotte is seeing more demand than most cities in the Southeast - median prices up 22% year-over-year - and at a higher price point, up to $450K in many suburbs.’ Jon points to surrounding suburbs such as Fort Mill and Rock Hill to the south, and Hunterville and Concord to the north as good future investments. ‘They are growing in popularity as residents can get more space and access good schools.’