Don’t forget to think size, too, when choosing the best couch for your room. ‘When you find an armchair or couch you like, make a template of its footprint and place it in situ on the floor so you can check that it fits comfortably. If space is tight, it is worth looking at a manufacturer that offers bespoke sizing,’ recommends Period Living editor Melanie Griffiths. 

H&G’s Favorite Places To Buy Couches

Best places to buy a couch

Where are the best places to buy a couch? We’ve done the hard work so you don’t need to – these top retailers are guaranteed to help you find the perfect piece to complete your living room ideas and provide a great shopping experience.

1. OKA (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, accessories, home decor, outdoor Available at: OKA (opens in new tab) Founded in 1999 by Annabel Astor, Sue Jones and Lucinda Waterhouse, OKA is one of the best places to buy a couch. The company is famous for its beautiful English-designed furniture and home accessories, and the couches are designed to stand the test of time and prioritize luxury and elegance. If you’re unsure of which fabric will work best in your living room then its fabric samples will let you feel the sumptuous textures for yourself and allow you to see how the colors react to the light levels in your space. OKA also has a product care (opens in new tab) guide for each of its pieces helping you to keep your couch in its brand-new condition for as long as possible.

2. Crate&Barrel (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, accessories, home decor, outdoor Available at: Crate&Barrel (opens in new tab) For truly timeless upholstery, Crate&Barrel is one of the best places to buy a couch.  Offering huge amounts of flexibility in each of its designs you can purchase a complete set of couches, armchairs, chaises, and loveseats. Opt for the same materials throughout or select complementary shades for a more individual look. Crate&Barrel designs are inspired by looks from around the world – collaborating with more than 100 artists and designers from the U.S. to Thailand to provide exclusive pieces. 

3. WAYFAIR (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, accessories, home decor, outdoor Available at: Wayfair (opens in new tab) With over 50,000 results for the term couch, Wayfair is sure to have a style and color that you will love. Whether you are drawn to an elegant leather button-back or a  modern velvet loveseat, Wayfair is the place to go.  What’s more, many of its couches have free delivery. We love the clear breakdown of each couch’s qualities:  from its seat construction and fill, durability and style as well as guidance on its weight capacity, level of assembly, and warranties. In terms of warranty, each couch needs to be considered individually as warranties can vary from 28 days up to several years. 

4. ARTICLE (opens in new tab)

Known for: Sofas, bedroom, outdoor, decor Available at: Article (opens in new tab) If you are looking for the best places to buy a couch to add to your mid-century modern living room ideas – then Article is the place to go. Prioritizing quality and affordability, Article creates a range of unique and stylish couches and mid-century modern décor that are made using high-quality materials.  ‘Our team is able to get most in-stock orders from our warehouses to your front door in two weeks or less,’ explains experts at Article – making them a great choice if you need your new couch now!

5. ANTHROPOLOGIE (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, home décor, soft furnishings Available at: Anthropologie (opens in new tab) Loved for its bright prints, handmade finishes, and global designs, Anthropologie is one of the best places to buy a couch that is bold and characterful. For further interiors guidance, you can also employ its complimentary home styling services (opens in new tab) to ensure that your new couch is perfect for your luxury living room ideas.

6. POTTERY BARN (opens in new tab)

Known for: Classic, farmhouse, and coastal-style furniture Available at: Pottery Barn (opens in new tab) If you’re searching for the best places to buy a couch that will suit a traditional living room or farmhouse living room ideas then look no further than Pottery Barn. Perfect for a family home, Pottery Barn’s durable couches are more than up to the wear and tear of family life. 

7. CB2 (opens in new tab)

Known for: modern decor and furniture Available at: CB2 (opens in new tab) For modern living rooms, CB2 is one of the best places to buy a couch. Prioritizing contemporary silhouettes and modern materials – its elegant couches would be the perfect centerpiece to a space. You can even test out its couches in person at one of its 24 locations across the country. CB2 has also joined the 15percent pledge (opens in new tab) to ensure 15 per cent of its products are represented by Black businesses, artists, and designers by 2024.

8. IKEA (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, homeware Available at: IKEA (opens in new tab) If you want to achieve a stylish living room on a budget, then Ikea should be your first port of call. We love the look that can be achieved with simple Ikea pieces as seen in these Ikea living room ideas. Ikea couches are perfect if you want to create an instantly characterful and sophisticated space without the expensive price tag.

9. Jenni Kayne Home (opens in new tab) 

Known for: Furniture, décor, rugs, kitchenware and candles Available at: Jenni Kayne Home (opens in new tab) Your couch is a huge purchase, and so you will want to pick a timeless, versatile design that can complement your space no matter what living room trend you decide to embrace. Channeling laid-back farmhouse chic crossed with updated mid-century style, Jenni Kayne Home’s couches focus on inviting neutral color schemes and quality construction, ensuring that the pieces will last both in terms of construction and aesthetics. Jenni Kayne Home also offers expert help styling each of its specific couches with its complimentary design consultation. 

10. Flexform (opens in new tab)

Known for: Couches, tables, chairs and other furniture Available at: Flexform (opens in new tab) One of our favorite Italian places to buy a couch, Flexform is an expert in modern furniture design. Loved for its modular sofas and elegant leather couches, Flexform also designs ottomans, armchairs, daybeds, and tables. ‘The company’s aesthetic language is better expressed through the concept of discreet elegance that translates to uncluttered shapes and soft, never ostentatious, materials,’ explains experts at Flexform. 

How to buy a couch

From modern designs in bold block colors to elegant seating featuring pretty floral prints, find the perfect piece with our guide to selecting the best couch for your room.

Are fixed or removable couch covers best?

‘It depends on your lifestyle and the look you want – if you prefer a relaxed feel and have young children or pets, then washable covers may be better. But a more formal-style piece really needs to be tightly covered,’ says Sofa Workshop’s Paul Staden. ‘Removable covers offer more design flexibility, though,’ adds Janus Cooper, managing director of Tetrad (opens in new tab). ‘They are a great option if you are likely to want to change the look of your home over time.’

Which filling should I opt for?

When it comes to fillings there are several options. Feather-filled cushions offer a softer seat, molding to your specific build; however, they will require regular plumping to maintain their shape. High-quality foam cushions offer the best of both worlds, being supportive and comfortable, while also maintaining a like-new condition even after extended use.

What is the best couch frame?

Superior frames are made from solid hardwood. Although more expensive than wood composite, they will last longer. If you invest in a high-quality frame in a timeless style, it can be reupholstered when you decide to upgrade the look, saving you money in the future. Ensure that hardwood frames have been kiln-dried, as then the wood won’t warp or split.

How do I choose the right fabric for my couch?

Fabrics are a great way to capture the character of a period home, and archive prints will add color and pattern without throwing your decorating scheme out of line. Many contemporary patterns contain traditional motifs, so you can reference a style era without going as far as recreating it. ‘The fabric durability you need depends on the item,’ says Willow & Hall’s (opens in new tab) Sarah Massouh. ‘Thicker, more hard-wearing fabrics are best for everyday furniture such as couches, whereas more delicate, lightweight fabrics suit an occasional chair.’ ‘Check the capabilities,’ adds Paul Staden from Sofa Workshop (opens in new tab). ‘All fabrics have these in the swatch books, along with composition and rub tests. Upholstery fabrics for domestic use must hit minimum of 10,000 rubs, but most come with at least 20,000 rub counts.’  Any upholstered item should also have a ticket that displays its fire resistance.