Whether you are buying a refrigerator, a washer, or a small kitchen appliance for your countertop, these are the best retailers to make your shopping experience fast and pleasurable. From opportunities to save to retailers that stock top-range and hard-to-find brands, these are the websites you should always consult first when appliance shopping. 

Best places to buy appliances 

This is where to shop for appliances, from the best food processors and air fryers to the best vacuums for pet hair.

1.  Lowe’s (opens in new tab) 

Known for: Kitchen appliance sets, washer/dryer sets, luxury appliances, small appliances  Available at: Lowe’s (opens in new tab) Lowe’s is the best place to buy appliances for our money, for several reasons. First, there’s the comprehensive choice – whether you need a new washer, a refrigerator, a garbage disposal unit or a freestanding air conditioner, this is the place to get it.  What we really like about Lowe’s appliance shopping is the opportunity to buy appliance sets. For example, rather than choosing a fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher separately, you can buy them as a package, with a good saving. The other great thing about Lowe’s is the opportunity to shop for luxury appliances such as four-door refrigerators with ice makers and extra-large convection ovens.  

2.  Home Depot (opens in new tab)

Known for: Home decor, DIY projects, appliances Available at: The Home Depot (opens in new tab) The Home Depot has one of the most comprehensive selections of both small and large appliances, so you could get everything you need for your home in one place here.  From cookers, mixers, and coffee makers to washer-dryers and large kitchen appliance sets, this one-stop destination has it all. What we really like, however, is that the retailer also carries spare appliance parts in case you want to DIY repair an appliance.  

3.  Wayfair (opens in new tab) 

Known for: Furniture, home decor, appliances, outdoor Available at: Wayfair.com (opens in new tab) Wayfair has a vast selection of appliances big and small. The biggest draw with the ever-popular retailer is its seemingly endless choice. Whatever your budget and preference, you almost certainly will find it here. From a $20 coffee maker to a Bertazzoni gas range cooker for over $14,000, every appliance type and brand imaginable is covered.  As always with Wayfair, the detailed left-hand-side menu makes browsing efficient and easy. Each appliance type has its own filters so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the exact thing you’re looking for. Frequent sales make investment purchases from Wayfair even more tempting.  

4. Appliances Connection (opens in new tab)

Known for: Luxury appliance brands Available at: Appliances Connection (opens in new tab) Appliances Connection is where you should head if you are serious about your appliance research and want the very best brands. If you know your Bertazzoni from your Fisher & Paykel, then this is the place for you.  And although the focus here is investment brands, there are many opportunities to make good savings, especially if you’re planning on buying multiple appliances. Discounts on multiple appliance purchases often extend into the thousands and are well worth the larger initial spend. 

 5. AJ Madison (opens in new tab) 

Known for: Kitchen and outdoor kitchen appliances, smart appliances, sales Available at: AJ Madison  (opens in new tab) AJ Madison prides itself on being an industry leader ‘offering an unrivalled selection of top rated home and kitchen appliances online at unbeatable prices. Sales are frequent and impressive with this retailer, with 40 percent discounts common.  If you are planning a kitchen remodel you should definitely look into the Remodel Reward scheme that offers up to $2,000 off for kitchen appliance bundles. We’ve also seen over $2,000 off luxury outdoor gas grills by XO, in case you need outdoor kitchen equipment. 

6.  PC Richard & Son  (opens in new tab)

Known for: Appliances, TVs, computers, mattresses Available at: PC Richard & Son (opens in new tab) PC Richard & Son is where we go when we need a kitchen appliance, a washer, or a vacuum. The retailer’s selection of these three is second to none, although they do also carry a variety of small appliances if you also need to buy the best toaster oven, for example.  What really makes PC Richard & Son stand out, though, is that they stock Samsung’s Bespoke range, which includes customizable fridges, microwaves, washers, and more. If you have special requirements for your appliance or an unusual space you need to fit an appliance in, this range is well worth investigating. 

7. Sears (opens in new tab) 

Known for: High-end appliances, heating and cooling, mattresses Available at: Sears (opens in new tab) If you’re after the latest fridge model from Frigidaire or Kenmore Elite (think advanced features like smart home compatibility and the latest cooling technologies) or a brand-new Samsun washer, Sears is the place to get it.  There is a number of other reasons why Sears is a great place to shop for appliances: a white-glove delivery service ensures your appliance is installed by expert technicians. Need an appliance repair? Sears has a dedicated repair service. Finally, the retailer has an ‘in-stock now’ section if you need an appliance delivered fast. 

8. ABT (opens in new tab)

Known for: Appliances, electronics Available at: ABT (opens in new tab) A very easy-to-navigate panel of icons directs you to the appliance you need on the ABT website. This is one of our favorite places to shop for dishwashers, vacuums, and small kitchen appliances, but they stock the big appliances too. ABT also sell gift cards, which is handy for Christmas gifts.