H&G’s Favorite Places To Buy Curtains

Once you’ve researched the types of curtains you want, you’ll want to know the best places to buy them. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t need to – just head to any of these top retailers for curtain ideas and a great shopping experience.

1. Wayfair (opens in new tab)

Known for: Curtain, soft furnishings, furniture, outdoor  Available at: Wayfair (opens in new tab) There’s no place like Wayfair for curtains. The choice is almost dizzying – over 50,000 options at your fingertips in seconds. From Wayfair’s own range that starts at $6 per curtain (yes, you read that right) to incredibly luxurious silk-velvet offerings by Kevin O’Brien Studio (that will cost well over $1,000), if you have an idea of what you want, you’ll find it here. Wayfair also has a dedicated section for blackout curtains – important to those of us who can’t sleep without a truly dark environment.  

2. Anthropologie (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, home decor, accessories Available at: Anthropologie (opens in new tab) Anthropologie is well known for its classy home decor with a Boho twist. The curtains from this respected brand do not disappoint. Bold graphics, intricate embroidery, and romantic floral prints are all in keeping with the brand’s aesthetic and will please anyone who likes color and personality from their window treatments.  

3. Pepper Home (opens in new tab)

Known for: Custom-made curtains Available at: Pepper Home (opens in new tab) If you want something precisely tailored to your windows, then look no further than the gorgeous curtains from Pepper Home. The widths are fixed (you can choose between 25, 50, or 100 inches), but the length can be customized as needed. You can also choose from five different types of headers to go with the curtains. They even sell fabric if you’d rather have your curtains made by someone else. With 50 fabrics to choose from, you’ll definitely find something that appeals to your decorating preferences. There is a handy curtain calculator that will help you budget for your curtains.   

4. Society6 (opens in new tab)

Known for: artist-designed curtains, wall art, pillows, furniture Available at: Society6 (opens in new tab)  Truly unique in its concept, Society6 connects independent artists with people who want one-of-a-kind homeware, including curtains. The way it works is that the artist creates a design and then Society6 applies it to different media. You are guaranteed to find something here that you won’t get anywhere else, so if you’re looking to add personality with your curtains this is the place to check out. Our top tip is to check the material as some of the curtains are made from polyester, which isn’t to everyone’s taste. 

5. Pottery Barn (opens in new tab)

Known for: Curtains, furniture, rugs Available at: Pottery Barn (opens in new tab) Pottery Barn is our top choice if quality is your main concern. All the fabrics are carefully curated and include Belgian linen, Dupioni raw silk, and eco-certified cotton. We like that you can search specifically for Fairtrade fabrics and those that have been made organically or without the use of harsh chemicals. The linen curtains from this destination really are legendary, especially given that you can customize them. The prices are high, but the impeccable quality is worth it. 

6. Bed, Bath & Beyond  (opens in new tab)

Known for: Bedroom, bath, home decor, furniture Available at: Bed, Bath & Beyond (opens in new tab) Bed, Bath & Beyond is the perfect destination if you want to browse a variety of brands and have the ability to really filter your search based on precise requirements. Apart from searching by brand (this is a great place for designer curtains by the likes of Kenneth Cole and Ralph Lauren Home), you can search by pattern, weave type, material,  and even care type – great for those of us who need know whether we’ll be able to machine wash our new curtains. 

7. Joss & Main (opens in new tab)

Known for: Furniture, decor & pillow, wall decor Available at: Joss & Main (opens in new tab) Joss & Main is the destination for you if you prefer not to browse through thousands of styles. Instead, there is a modest selection of 11 styles in different weights and fabrics, but each style comes in a wide variety of colors. Curtains rods and hardware are also available, making the whole process of choosing your curtains effortless. 

8. Etsy (opens in new tab)

Known for: Handmade and one-of-a-kind items from independent makers Available at: Etsy.com (opens in new tab) What isn’t Etsy good for? If you want something a bit different and not mass-produced, then you could spend hours browsing curtains that are made by tiny independent manufacturers – sometimes by sole traders who make everything by hand. Here’s an opportunity to find a print or fabric that you definitely will not find elsewhere. If your home style is eclectic, then Etsy is always worth a browse. It’s also the place to shop if you want vintage curtains or curtains made from recycled fabric. 

9. West Elm (opens in new tab)

Known for: furniture, home decor Available at: West Elm (opens in new tab)  West Elm is our favorite place to shop for home decor that is high quality, unfussy, and has a touch of mid-century chic to it. The curtains are no exception: impeccably executed, classic designs in high-quality fabrics. The sheer curtains look especially good and are great for bright rooms where you want to maximize natural light.

10. Annie Selke (opens in new tab)

Known for: Bedding, furniture, decor Available at: Annie Selke (opens in new tab)  Designer Annie Selke creates stunning designs that are opulent, colorful, and yet subtle enough for any room in your home. The fabrics are very high quality – linen and cotton dominate, which is great if you prefer natural materials. We especially like her Middle Eastern-inspired designs.