Bedbugs are among the most detested and dangerous pests homeowners can face, and it’s essential to take action against them as soon you have a sighting. If not, this insect may feed on your blood as your sleep – prompting a host of health problems such as skin rashes and blisters. And, while there are many things you can clean with baking soda, its uses are most effective beyond the bedroom.  Here, pest experts decode the myth and share what to do instead. 

Can baking soda kill bed bugs?

No, baking soda will generally have no effect on bed bugs. They will not ingest it, and if they do walk through it, it will not cause them any problems.  ‘Bed bugs may avoid areas with baking soda, but they would just relocate to hide in cracks and crevices or find another path to get to the occupants of the bed.’ explains  Tim McMahan, the Owner of The Pest RX (opens in new tab).  The expert adds that bed bugs can hide for over 18 months without feeding, so you need to opt for another, more powerful solution that will ensure your bedroom ideas are pest-free for good.

What can kill bed bugs faster?

It is also worth steaming your bed frame or anywhere where any two materials meet (for example, where two pieces of wood are screwed together). However, the steam can damage your glue and wood veneers, so it’s worth taking extra care during this step.  ‘This will create a static charge to the product to adhere to the surrounding material,’ he says.‘Missing any cracks or crevices could cause a reoccurrence. Please be aware that 100 percent elimination is the only way to correct the issue with bed bugs.’

What kills bed bugs permanently?

The method above should help kill bed bugs permanently, but there are some reasons why it may not work. If your infestation is growing, or you’ve lived with the pest for a longer time, you will need to call in a professional. They have the specialized equipment to take care of the pest – quickly and efficiently. 

Can bed bugs walk through baking soda?

No, as the experts warn, bed bugs are unable to walk through baking soda, so placing it as a deterrent would do no good. It is far more efficient to follow the steam-cleaning method for a recent infestation – or seek help from professionals for a larger-scale problem.