Whether you love to cook in one of the best air fryers you can find, or prefer a healthy salad, we have a recipe read for you. From Snoop Dogg to Stanley Tucci to Chrissy Teigen, from Italian to Mexican to Thai – our curated a list of titles will satisfy any craving – which brings us to our first pick. Must-make recipe: Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe from Cravings ‘Some say love conquers all, but I say cacio e pepe does,’ says Chrissy. ‘It’s true. John [Legend] and I fell for each other and got married in Lake Como, Italy, but it’s also where I became a slave to this pasta dish,’ says Teigen on the Italian favorite.  Must-make recipe: Twitter’s (And Uncle Mike’s) Banana Bread from Cravings: Hungry for More ‘This is THE banana bread,’ says Teigen. ‘The bread that launched a million tweets and a hundred thousand Instagram tags, and had people all along the California coast offering to trade their brownest bananas for a makeup palette, a pair of John’s used underwear (it was clean; I’m not an animal), and the chance to meet my trusty assistant/mom, @PepperThai2 (opens in new tab).’ Must-make recipe: Emily’s Chicken Noodle Soup ICYMI, Tucci’s sister-in-law/English actor Emily Blunt, who famously starred in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada. In his cookbook, Tucci gives his SIL a shout-out with the inclusion of this soup recipe. In the recipe foreward, Blunt jokingly shares how, ‘I made this soup for my husband, John [Krasinski of The Office fame], and he says it may be the reason he wanted to be my husband.’ Case in point: Molly Baz gained her following after her cooking series on YouTube (opens in new tab) convinced us that we, too, could make a mushroom carbonara (opens in new tab) with the same grace and ease. In 2021, Baz released her electric blue cookbook titled Cook This Book (opens in new tab). Within its pages, she writes with authority (as a former line cook) on the foundations of building flavor with each dish. The biggest takeaway? Kosher salt, and lots of it.    Must-make recipe: The Cae Sal  To her followers, the simple Caesar salad has become Baz’s calling card. In her words, ‘To call it my brand would be to grossly underrepresent what this salad means to me. It is the Greatest Salad of All Time (GSOAT).’ In its pages, which is part-memoir and part recipe-book, Trejo captures the always-evolving multicultural flavor of Los Angeles. From veganized versions of Mexican staples to family-concocted barbacoa recipes, the action star pays homage to his Latino beginnings and entices his readers to taste LA one taco at a time.  Must-make recipe: Carne Asada According to Trejo, ‘Carne Asada is one of my all-time-favorite dishes: it’s easy to make, it uses affordable cuts of meat, and it’s delicious.’ And we agree, for amateur chefs who want to try their hand at Mexican cuisine, carne asada is a great place to start.  Must-make recipe: Remix Gin & Juice  Inspired by 1994’s ‘Gin & Juice’, the cocktail is the sippable translation of Snoop’s early claim to fame. 

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