When we heard that world-renowned chef Thomas Keller launched a range of kitchen knives, we had to take notice and share this useful information with you, our dear readers. After all, if it is good enough for one of the best chefs in the world, it is certainly good enough for us.  With eight five-star restaurants to his name, it is unsurprising that the American chef chooses only the finest utensils for his cooks and line chefs. From culinary knives to first-rate stainless steel sauciers, Keller partnered with Cangshan to produce the best chef’s knives for the job.  A knife series designed by Michelin star chef Thomas Keller, the Cangshan knives are without a doubt some of the best in the world. Keller worked directly with Cangshan, a specialist cutlery brand, to create the collection, which is made from Swedish powdered steel. Each blade has been meticulously tested to ensure that it withstands the rigor of life in a busy chef’s kitchen.  The masterful Thomas Keller Signature Collection by Cangshan is a model of craftsmanship. Slim, sleek, and exceptionally well-balanced, each knife is meticulously crafted to elevate your cooking experience. Chef Keller was instrumental in the design, with each knife going through rigorous testing to ensure flawless detail.  You can buy each knife individually, but these sets are some of our favorite products in the line. Expertly designed to help you accomplish a variety of cutting tasks with ease and confidence, this set includes the most common kitchen knives, as well as some specialty knives for more advanced prep work. Take inspiration from these chef’s kitchens and enjoy a cooking space that’s fully equipped for your culinary adventures. This 17-piece set has everything you need for a true chef’s kitchen.  If you’re short on kitchen countertop space, then you will simply adore this miniature knife block set. Perfect for those who want quality equipment but don’t need the full 17-piece set. 

 Chef Thomas Keller uses these knives in his Michelin star kitchen    - 66