There are a many stores and well known brands that specialize in creating magnificent Christmas baskets, containing everything from sweets to socks – there really are basket options for all. So, whether you’re stuck on what to buy a family member, or simply want to explore what kind of Christmas baskets are out there to choose from, our curated collection will leave you with some wonderful inspiration for your gift ideas this Christmas. And, by the way, we think they make fabulous Christmas decor ideas under the tree, too.

Christmas basket ideas

Explore our collection of our favorite Christmas basket ideas below.

1. Choose a basket that contains the traditional tastes of Christmas

For many of us, one of the best things about Christmas is indulging in all of the delicious food, and you really can’t go wrong with a Christmas basket filled with all of the festive favorites. From chocolate to chutneys and crackers, mince pies and gingerbread, a seasonal hamper containing the traditional tastes of Christmas is bound to be quickly devoured over the holiday season.

5. Pick a theme that the recipient will love

A themed Christmas basket can appeal directly to a recipient’s character and their tastes, whether they’re big into cheese, coffee or chocolate! Fortnum & Mason are renowned for their extraordinary food hall – and there is no gift quite like a Fortnum & Mason hamper (opens in new tab). An iconic, handwoven willow basket finished with an F&M stamp, this particular Christmas Basket is filled with a wondrous collection of sweet treats and delightful teas. This gift basket from Harry & David contains a diverse mix of some of the most well-loved sweet and savory festive treats. Including fruit, crackers, chocolate and nuts, this Christmas basket can create a merry festive spread. Specializing in all things luxury, from clothes to Christmas gifts, this Christmas basket from Harrods contains indulgent festive delights both sweet and savory, from spiced salted caramel shortbread to fig and balsamic chutney. Increasingly popular, there are so many themed basket ideas to choose from, so you really will be truly spoilt for choice.

12. Cater for the entertainers & the partygoers

These baskets are perfect for those who love to spend the festive period (and beyond) entertaining with friends and family - containing all the ingredients you need for a good party! From Jasper Hill dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, this scrumptious cheese basket comes with a selection of cheeses, including Bayley Hazen Blue and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - with each cheese paired with a bespoke preserve to enhance the flavor. Who doesn’t love eating chocolate over the festive season? This collection of Godiva chocolate confections from Gift Tree come packaged in a unique, keepsake book replica, creating a one-of-a-kind Christmas basket - it looks almost good enough to eat! Bring the traditional tastes of Italy into your home with the Taste of Italy basket by Wine Country Gift Baskets. Filled with a range of Italian gourmet food items, from pasta to oil and olives, this Christmas basket makes a change to the usual festive treats, and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Italian food – who doesn’t? One for the coffee-lovers, this coffee hamper, sold by Letter Box Hampers on Not On The High Street, contains a mix of blends from Olfactory Coffee, and some lovely sweet treats to enjoy alongside the perfect brew. The gift can also be enhanced with an added personalized message and card. Most of us do tend to indulge over the festive season, but not so much with this Christmas basket idea from The Gift Basket Store, filled with a mix of gourmet goodies and fresh fruits - this basket provides the perfect balance! Containing a mix of craft beers from America’s most popular breweries, from superior ales, to the world class IPA’s, this craft selection not only looks great, but it will be sure to satisfy any craft beer lover. From mulled wine to sweet treats, to delicious cocktails and liquors, there are unique options that can cater to all. 

16. Think outside the box with your basket ideas

Christmas basket ideas do not always have to revolve around food and drink, they can be anything you want them to be!  The Selfridges Christmas Party Hamper can elevate your Christmas basket ideas with a touch of stylish luxury. Stocked with a selection of goodies, from mulled wine and chutney to tea and coffee, this Christmas basket can keep you content through the day and night over the holiday season. A Christmas basket idea that can help to create the ultimate fiesta, this basket includes everything from ingredients to make fresh guacamole and a margarita mocktail – just add your own tequila for the real thing, to Mexican chocolate ChaChas and cheese – what a party! Let the drinking be gin! This Christmas basket by Mel & Rose contains three gins, Monkey 47 Gin, Plymouth Gin, Malfy Gin Limone, and a selection of sweet and savory snacks, designed to complement the three distinct flavors. You can send a wellness basket filled with toiletries and accessories designed for a relaxing night in, or even a basket of plants and festive flowers - the possibilities are endless.

20. Make your own Christmas basket

Making your own Christmas basket can not only be a fun and creative activity to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas, but you can create a more unique, curated collection of meaningful gifts for your friends and family to enjoy. Christmas flowers and plants can make for beautiful Christmas table centerpieces. This innovative Christmas basket idea from teleflora features a mix of four potted plants, a red poinsettia, white cyclamen, green pothos and variegated dieffenbachia, creating a long-lasting holiday gift for all the plant lovers out there. Baskets containing toiletries and products that focus on wellness and relaxation proving increasingly popular. This Spa Restore Wellness Basket from The White Company can help instill a sense of calm and Zen over the busy festive period. What more could you need to feel cozy and content this Christmas than with a hygge inspired gift. This gift from Happy Hygge Gifts on Etsy has been curated to make you feel like you’ve received a hug in a box, and contains a selection of items, including a cozy knit blanket, candles and mulled spices. All you need is a basket, some decorations to make it pretty and festive, such as ribbons, bows, foliage and Christmas ornaments, and the gifts of your choice! Whether you fill your basket with homemade Christmas crafts, or homemade preserves, or purchase a collection of gifts from the recipient’s favorite stores, there is so much fun to be had in creating a homemade Christmas basket.

What is a Christmas basket?

A Christmas basket, also referred to as a Christmas hamper, is a traditional festive gift, often filled with a collection of seasonal food and drink items to enjoy over the holiday period – however today, as we have explored, they can be filled with pretty much anything you want! An essential for the festive, season, there is so much you can do with a roll of ribbon! Accessorize your homemade hamper with colorful ribbon by tying it to your basket handles, around the outside of the basket, or to wrap your gifts that will sit inside. Filling your homemade gift basket with some colorful filler can be a great way to elevate the look and design of your basket. From colorful paper, to shredded tissue paper and wood excelsior, Paper Mart have a great selection of fillers. A tradition that has been around for hundreds of years, and a gift that can appeal to all ages, a Christmas basket can be as personal or as simple as you like. Whether you make your own with a range of gifts bought from various stores, or shop one of our Christmas basket ideas, there are so many options to choose from.

What do you put in a Christmas basket?

If you are making your own Christmas basket – you can fill it with whatever you please! Sometimes it’s best to stick to a theme, whether that’s as simple as food and drink, or as specific as a certain selection of teas or cheeses, the decision is entirely up to you and what you think the recipient will like. If you want to create a more traditional, seasonal Christmas basket containing food and drinks items, some good things to include are:

ChocolateSweetsFruitNutsCheeseCrackersWineCocktail or mocktail ingredientsCookiesCrispsChutneys & preservesTea CoffeeHot Chocolate