Ranging from classic, country-style Christmas looks, to bright and bold color combinations, all-out luxe drama to delicate subtle shimmering schemes, there will definitely be a tree trend to suit your Christmas tree ideas for the holiday season. Some trends come and go, whilst others stand the test of time, and you can easily reinvent your style and Christmas decor ideas with a few simple additions, or, of course, you can change-up your whole scheme if you’ve been truly inspired by a new look or idea.

Browse the best Christmas tree trends of 2022 and explore the styles that we have been loving this season.

1. Pretty, paper decorations

You can never go wrong with decorating your home with delightful paper chains, so why not take this look to your Christmas tree, too? ‘Sustainable as well as stylish, paper Christmas ornaments can sit beautifully on a Christmas tree, and when the holiday season is over, they can be easily folded away, not taking up too much space – ideal if you’re looking for ways to save on storage,’ says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief, Homes & Gardens. You can also get creative and have a go and making some yourself, making for a fun and festive craft.

2. A vintage, retro style

This year is definitely the year of the tinsel tree!  A nod to styles of the 70s, we know that tinsel isn’t for everyone, but we can’t help but love the shimmering, shiny effect of string tinsel.  As shown here by TikTok user, thekendrablock, for maximum impact, adorn your whole tree with tinsel, such as this tinsel from Walmart (opens in new tab), creating a truly eye-catching and magical effect. To help the environment, remember to reuse your tinsel year after year or opt for eco-friendly tinsel made from recycled PVC plastic.

3. Alternative Christmas trees

Many of us are making a break with traditional Christmas decor and fir trees and choosing more creative and alternative Christmas tree ideas for our homes. From houseplants (see our tips on how to decorate your houseplants for Christmas), to trees created from books and string lights, your Christmas tree can really be anything you want it to be, just make it a fun a festive focal point that reflects your personality and the style of your home.

4. Beautiful bows

‘Pretty and elegant, bows and ribbons make for beautiful tree decorations – as well as being great for adding to wreaths, garlands and festive tablescapes,’ says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. As shown on this Christmas tree, the dusky velvet ribbons from Rowen & Wren (opens in new tab) establish a relaxed, bohemian look, but there are so many different bow styles to choose from, from luxurious, thick velvet hanging bow decorations, to trying your own with Christmas ribbon ideas. One thing is for sure, decorating a Christmas tree with bows will always establish a look of timeless elegance.

5. Unique, novelty decorations

To really make your tree stand out from the crowd and to make a fun statement, choose a selection of unique novelty decorations for your tree. From animals and food to signs and sayings, you can find novelty Christmas decorations of pretty much anything! These ornaments will not only make your Christmas tree feel more personal, they make for great gifts, too!

6. Flowers and foliage

Of course, Christmas foliage is a well-established Christmas tradition, with holly branches, mistletoe, pine cones, poinsettias and much more having been used for years to add a beautiful, natural touch to Christmas decor.  We are however seeing many new Christmas foliage ideas for Christmas trees created through innovative displays of plants and flowers, as well as many color schemes and ornaments taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world; from faux flower stems nestled into the tree, to mushroom decorations and earthy, neutral color palettes.  This Christmas tree has been elegantly decorated with white roses and unique, hanging porcelain branch vases, establishing a luxurious look that feels romantic and truly one of a kind. 

7. Red, white and blue

A traditional Christmas color palette of red and green can be given an instant refresh by swapping out the green decorations for blue designs instead.  A perfectly patriotic color theme, the look is kept light and bright by the addition of plenty of white, both in accessories and furnishing as well as simple write tree lights.

8. Nordic luxe

A Nordic-style scheme is a winner for the holiday season, conjuring up images of snowy landscapes and cozy, hygge interiors full of flickering candlelight.  Choose a mix of white, glass and silver baubles to allow the foliage to be the star. Traditional Nordic trees are often decorated with real candles, but you can fake the look with LED alternatives.  Pile animal skins around the bottom of the tree to introduce warmth and natural texture, and maximise sparkle with classic silver lametta, strung over the tree’s branches. 

9. Keep it simple

Dial back on the decorations this year with a beautiful tree decorating in a smattering of warm white lights and an elegant tree topper. This look works particularly well if you have something else in your space, like a sofa in a bold share or a colorful rug.  There’s nowhere for your tree to hide with this look so make sure you have the fullest, most symmetrical tree you can find.

10. Touch of frost

Create a magical winter wonderland with a frost-tipped, silver or white Christmas tree and decorations in icy tones of white, glass and the palest of blues.  A photo posted by on Baubles in a variety of finishes – misted glass, glittered, patterned – are given a fun spin when combined with ski-inspired decorations such as snowflakes, gondola cars and chair lifts, yet the pared-back palette makes sure the scheme stays sophisticated and sumptuous. Here, Reese Witherspoon shares a photo on Instagram of her cute Christmas tree, we love how the red decorations and pretty bow tree topper create an impactful contrast with the silver tree; a simple yet timeless look.

11. Color pop

Go big on fun this year, with vibrant decorations that really pack a color punch. If your home’s already a color-lover’s dream, pick one of your accent shades and build your tree’s scheme around it – layering a generous mix of bright, candy-colored ornaments in varying sizes.  This look works just as well in a neutral interior, too, as it gives you a blank canvas to work with. A frosty artificial tree means the ornaments will really pop against the white branches.  As shown here, richly saturated hues such as sapphire blue, amethyst purple and emerald green are a wonderful color combination at Christmas, and they team perfectly with the deep matt background of a fresh tree. You can lift the look further using plenty of gold accents, on lights, ribbons or simple glass baubles.

12. Pared back beauty

If you prefer your room to be more decorated than your tree, a simple tree without any decorations or only a select few, will establish a beautiful, pared-back look.  ‘Your home is a reflection of you and your personality, and this applies just as much if not more so to seasonal decorations as year-round interiors,’ says Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin (opens in new tab).  ‘For example, my treasured collection of old toys take center stage at Christmas time. Winter is also all about layering, too. I use textures like wool and fur alongside kilim fabrics; rich autumnal and wintery colors.’

13. Royal salute

The Regal Christmas collection from Amara (opens in new tab) champions traditional Christmas colors, using them in an opulent and theatrical decorating scheme.  Gold, deep bottle green, rich red and burgundy tick all the festive boxes, and are elevated thanks to luxe selection of finishes and patterns, from glittered to beaded, velvet to plaid.  Royal-inspired motifs play a big role, too, with stags, crowns and fleur-de-lis all jostling for attention among the lavish bows and glittering baubles.

14. Warm blush

Pretty and feminine, soft pink is a versatile shade, often used as a warm neutral in interior design, with paint shades such as Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink and Peignoir among the popular paint hues.  ‘This soft and pretty color is still quite new for customers at Christmas,’ says Jason Billings-Cray, Partner & Christmas Shop Buyer at John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab).  For this Christmas take on pink, the pink has been balanced out with orange, copper and dark chocolate for a look that has all the rich warmth of a classic festive scheme, but with a modern twist. 

15. Art Nouveau

Celebrate the season with exuberance and drama, taking the very start of the 20th Century and the elaborate decorative style of Art Nouveau as your inspiration.  Not one for minimalists, this scheme is opulent and extravagant with an abundance of luxe materials such as silk, cut glass and velvet. Peacock blues are the accent of choice here, from deep royal blue to pops of vivid teal.  Decorations are a riot of quirky designs in a variety of shimmering finishes, including animal print and peacock feather. 

16. Rustic elegance

Keep it simple for an elegant scheme that heroes the natural beauty of the tree itself.  Festoon the whole tree generously with warm white string lights, nestled deeply among the branches for maximum twinkle.  One, carefully selected tree decoration, repeated across the branches, works perfectly for a pared-back look that has a quiet, understated sense of style. Choose a hanging decoration with interest such as a beaded wreath, or fluted ornament to maintain a level of luxury. 

17. Midas touch

Gold is a perennial Christmas favorite that adds classic glamor and to any interior. Give it a smart update to suit a more modern aesthetic, by mixing in decorations in monochrome shades.  Black and white provides a sharp contrast – combine bold, graphic patterns such as stripes or spots, with plain baubles in white, black or charcoal grey, and then fill the spaces in between with plenty of gold ornaments in a variety of shapes and sizes to reflect all the lights and make the tree really sparkle.  

18. Deep tones

If you’ve embraced the continuing trend for dark blue in interiors this year, and chosen for moody blue for your walls, this festive decorating scheme will go with the color perfectly to create a vibrant space that feels intimate and cozy.  Pink is a great accent to bring out the navy hue, just add gold accessories to dress the whole look up for the Christmas period. 

19. Country classic

One for traditionalists, the classic Christmas palette of red, green and gold can look smart and refined if styled up with restraint.  A mixed collection of heirloom ornaments and tree decorations will feel unified when spaced out among the beautiful green foliage, giving each space to breathe, so that the overall effect is not too busy.  Add plain glass tree ornaments in reds and metallics to balance out the more characterful decorations – they’ll also catch the light to add just the right amount of sparkle. 

20. Go all silver

This Christmas tree trend is termed: ‘Impressionism’ – using all of the colors of snow.  ‘Impressionism is one of my favorite themes,’ says Jason Billings-Cray, Partner and Christmas Shop Buyer, John Lewis & Partners. ‘The Impressionist art movement contains some of my most-loved artists, including Monet. They’ve given us a new take on the traditional snow theme, capturing the idea that snow isn’t just white, but has an iridescent quality – it can be white, pink, blue, green and purple.’

‘Rainbow colors are proving to be a big hit so far,’ continues Jason Billings-Cray.  ‘Customers want to have a bright and fun Christmas this year.’  As well as rainbow colors, the other shades vying for attention for Christmas 2022 include blush pinks, strong blues and more rustic, earthy palettes – think cozy, hygge Scandi-style.

‘This year there will be a strong desire to bring the outdoors in, with an emphasis on greenery and festive foliage, so we have an array of leafy garlands and natural looking décor to cater to this,’ says Sam Hood, creative director & head of buying at Amara (opens in new tab). There is also a real feel for more nostalgic decor ideas and styles this Christmas, from the mighty comeback of tinsel to art deco and vintage decorations.