When choosing dining room color ideas you’ll want to select color trends that you’ll be happy to live with for a while to come. But you might also want to consider the decorative power of each hue; not all colorful room ideas suit every space, depending on its size, architectural style, and orientation. Different dining room paint ideas have particular benefits you may wish to exploit in your room design. Some can brighten and visually enlarge the room, while others make cleaning a less frequent necessity, for example.

Colorful dining room ideas

Our curated collection of the best colorful dining ideas will inspire you to give your entertaining and dining space a bold and bright new look.

1. Mix color with multiple patterns

‘The dining room is a great way to add color and be bold since it’s typically a space used for special occasions,’ says Anne Hepfer, interior designer and author of Mood (opens in new tab).  ‘For this particular project, our clients were super open to color and multiple patterns. The muted teal-painted dining table paired with floral multicolored skirted chairs and the block print patterned curtains make this room bold, inviting and vibrant. I love the mix in this space.’

2. Use primary colors

It is not a traditional dining room approach, but using primary colors in interior design can be done subtly and elegantly to create bright – but understated – spaces.  Balance is important so start with neutral floorings, such as engineered wood. This will allow you to bring color through the walls and accessories. ‘The rich tones in cobalt blue make a perfect foil for punchy, primary colored accessories such as the eye-catching Halo chandelier from Pooky (opens in new tab),’ says Sam Way, hard flooring buyer at Carpetright (opens in new tab). 

3. Choose a colorful wallpaper as the starting point

Searching for dining wallpaper room ideas is a real pleasure – in our opinion. Of all the rooms in the home that deserve some indulgent decor, the dining room is out in front. ‘This bold dining room features a wild wallpaper from Cole & Son, intended to evoke a feeling of looseness and delight for the guests while the chair backs are upholstered with Donghia’s Ramatuelle in Lavande, tying to the purple hues of the funky wallpaper,’ says Gideon Mendelson, founder of the Mendelson Group (opens in new tab). 

4. Use a pastel pink to ground the scheme 

The renaissance of this color is not surprising, and this subtly sweet color really comes into its own in the dining room.  ‘We used Calamine by Farrow & Ball for this fun dining area,’ says Mary Patton, founder of Mary Patton Design (opens in new tab). ‘Opting for this color in unexpected places gives a modern feel that makes for a light, airy, and relaxing space that neatly complements the ikat window treatments in bold green.’

5. Go for muted and stylishly subtle colors

‘A colorful dining room doesn’t have to be full of bright colors, it can be subtle with a mix of prints that work together because they’re of the same tone,’ says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. ‘This Charleston-inspired space is united by the sage green that runs through the wallpaper and woodwork and is enhanced by the red check rug, chair, and seats of the dining chairs, the result is an eclectic mix that’s full of color.’

6. Mismatch colors intentionally 

‘High contrast color choices demand attention and bring a visceral sense of excitement and joy to a home,’ says Annie Sloan (opens in new tab), color and paint expert. ‘Particularly perfect in dining spaces where conversation and energy are key. Think of clashing floors, chairs, tables, or walls rather than a few mismatched candle sticks. Surprising and invigorating color combinations will spark conversation and create atmosphere.’

7. Take the maximalist approach 

‘Color in a dining room should be warm and cozy, bearing in mind it will be used mostly in the evening but should also be sunny and cheerful for use in the day,’ says Penny Morrison, interior designer and founder of Penny Morrison Fabrics, Wallpapers and Home Accessories (opens in new tab). ‘If only used at night I love lacquered rooms or gloss painted in a dark color to reflect lights and candles.’ ‘Try a maximalist approach this year by selecting lots of colorful accessories and layering different table linens to add a variety of dimensions. Rooms need a personality and patterns and color are a great way to add this.’ ‘Add extra color to your table with small vases filled with a mixture of flowers – wild country ones in spring and summer, think bunches of sweet peas or hyacinths.  Alternatively, a couple of very tall glass vases with pretty branches of mimosa or blossom will look striking.’

8. Layer two similar colors for a fun celebration

‘I am a big believer in layering the dining table with colorful linen, and where better to display my passion for block printing than across the table itself,’ says Molly Mahon, founder of Molly Mahon (opens in new tab). ‘A bright cloth that picks out the colors of my drapes and lampshades, topped off with a joyful hand block printed runner and lots of colorful flowers picking out the pinks of the textiles.’ ‘Colored candles create a wonderfully cheerful atmosphere for a cozy family Sunday lunch or a dinner party with friends. A final, personal touch is the hand-printed paper chains that my children and I often make together on a weekend and it really makes the table for me.’ 

9. Choose one dominate shade and add to it 

This project is a perfect example of the homeowner having complete trust in the process. We took what was previously a white box (albeit with beautiful bones) and touched every single surface.  ‘This was one of my favorite projects to date, with a wonderful young family,’ says Sheila Kramer, Sheila Kramer Interiors (opens in new tab). ‘We painted the ceiling in high gloss Dunn Edwards Seasonal Beige and covered the walls in ‘Arches’ by These Walls from Supply Showroom. The windows are dressed in Ferrick Mason, ‘Kinkead’ with a Samuel & Sons trim. The rug is custom from Jaipur with Love. While it’s hard to pick a hero in the room, the Urban Electric, Chiltern Double Hang in Curry may just steal the show!’

10. Embrace color in a kitchen diner 

When your dining area is in the kitchen you can embrace the colors you have there and pull them through into the rest of the scheme.  In this case, there are the pinky napkins that match the cabinetry on the left and the green bowl that ties in with the green drape. Black is used as an accent that links the open shelving, bench, and chairs. It can be as subtle or as bold as you like, but still very doable in a combined space.