Curtains aren’t always a priority when it comes to country kitchen ideas, but in a room that’s often the hub of the home, using country style fabrics can add a homeliness and character that truly completes a room.

Country kitchen curtain ideas

Whether you choose printed or plain, modern or traditional, country curtain ideas can introduce color and pattern and set a kitchen color scheme for your accessories, along with helping to keep the heat in and provide privacy. These are our favorite country kitchen curtain ideas.

1. Add soft living room styling

‘We love to use curtains in kitchens where possible as it makes them seem less utilitarian and more comfortable,’ explains Sarah Vanrenen of Vanrenen GW Designs (opens in new tab).  ‘Since the kitchen can be the hub of the house and where we spend so much of our time these days, it is a great way to bring in softness, texture and color next to all the hard cabinets and makes the room feel more like a home.’ Take your cue from your main country living room ideas. Curtains, pillows and rugs all bring a relaxed, living room look to a functional kitchen space. Take your cabinetry color as your lead, and choose patterns and prints that highlight or coordinate with this shade. 

2. Create a cozy nook

In this relaxed country kitchen, designed by Karen Harautuneian of West Hollywood’s Hub of the House Studio (opens in new tab), the curtain turns a window seat area into a ’now you see it, now you don’t’ cozy nook. It’s an idea that would work just as well for window seat ideas in other rooms of the home, too. Here, this homestead hideaway beautifully suits the comfortable and inviting feel of the room, becoming a space to read a book (with milk and cookies!) or simply sit and chat while the cook gets to work.

3. Conceal a kitchen with a curtain

Hide a prep kitchen or pantry area behind a curtain – the drapery can be pulled back when the area is in use, then drawn across the doorway to conceal the kitchen once the day’s work is done. ‘This is a great idea for an open-concept living space, loft or studio, where you don’t always want the kitchen on display,’ says Melanie Griffiths, editor of Period Living. ‘I’d use it an option for pantry ideas for a fresh, relaxed look. ‘Choose a richly patterned fabric to create a feature of the curtain, or alternatively, select a tone that matches the paint color on the wall for a seamless look.’

4. Dress French doors with drapes

Wide doors and glazing that allow for a seamless flow between indoors and out is a feature of many rustic homes, so you’ll need to consider French door ideas as part of your overall decorating scheme if that applies in your kitchen. ‘A simple way to soften the harsh lines of windows is to add curtains to French doors. They offer insulation in the colder months when you gather the family together for festive feasts, or create shade in the summer,’ explains Jojo Bradley, Founder of Jojo Bradley Interior Design (opens in new tab). 

5. Bring in a botanical theme

For internal glazing or an external window, choose country curtain ideas for kitchens that accentuate the rustic setting or elevate the room scheme. ‘Curtains, blinds and upholstery are a chance to add print and color alongside your kitchen cabinets,’ suggests interior designer Jojo Bradley. ‘Botanical prints look lovely for that outside-in feeling or go plain but add interest with a detailed leading-edge trim for a touch of fun. ‘If you don’t have French doors in your kitchen, we love to use Roman blinds with pelmets to soften the space. More detail can be added to these with a contrast piping or cord.’ It’s a great way to decorate with botanicals.

6. Let the light shine

Increasing natural light in our homes has been proven to boost mood and improve our sense of wellbeing. ‘When selecting country curtain ideas for kitchens, opt for lightweight fabrics that let in plenty of natural light,’ advises interior designer Sarah Barnard (opens in new tab).  ‘In a country kitchen, curtains are often an opportunity to incorporate patterning. Like country wallpaper, natural or historical themes work well in these spaces, helping tie the kitchen space to the natural environment.’

7. Create a focal point

The right country curtain ideas for kitchens can stretch the space visually. This striking treatment, combining a blind and shapely pelmet in a bold blue and white china pattern, makes this compact kitchen seem wider by drawing the eye to the window and view beyond. ‘Cleverly, the display of blue and white plates on the wall continues the theme, so the window treatment truly feels a part of the country kitchen scheme,’ explains Melanie Griffiths, editor of Period Living magazine.

8. Tie a standout tassel

The most rustic of rooms can be elevated with an elegant swag or tassel, and it’s a surefire way to make the most of your country curtain ideas for kitchens. Use thick braid for the curtain tieback and choose the largest tassel you can to add an element of unexpected luxury. You could hone in on the rustic theme by sourcing a tassel made from a natural fiber such as hemp or jute, or create contrast with silk rope and bold color.

9. Pair linens for a homespun look

Combine a pretty fabric blind with a natural striped linen for a simple country curtain idea for the kitchen. It’s the pairing of floral print with simple stripe that makes this look work so well. ‘This is a no-fuss idea that particularly suits small country kitchens, or adjunct spaces such as a pantry,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor of Homes & Gardens. ‘By keeping the blind and below-the-basin curtain basic, with minimum pleats and folds, it allows the fabric themselves to make an impact without overwhelming the small space.’

10. Double up

With small, narrow windows that sit next to each other, you could choose a single blind or curtain to cover them both – which can make the window appear wider. But the option above, featuring two blinds, shows how fabric can work so well to create a sense of ease in a space. ‘Roman shades are a classic country option that can add softness and balance to any interior,’ explains Ivy Savignon, Denver-area designer with Stoneside Blinds & Shades (opens in new tab).

11. Mix patterns

Can’t decide between different designs? Why not include more than one? Your curtains don’t necessarily have to match your blinds and pillow fabrics – in fact, mixing it up can add interest to your room.  Inspired by woodlands and nature, this Forever Spring Delft fabric collection from ILIV (opens in new tab) is ideal for creating a relaxed interior and has used been used on the curtains, blind, bench seat and pillows to create a cohesive and attractive scheme.

12. Keep it neat

Curtains aren’t only for windows and you’ll often find country kitchens where fabric has been used instead of a door on open cabinets or shelves. Not only does it help hide away the contents for a tidy appearance, but because it’s a small amount of fabric, you can afford to be brave with your pattern.  Here, a quirky kitchen-themed print from Vanessa Arbuthnott adds a playful touch. 

13. Bring the countryside In

For a traditional take on country curtain ideas for kitchens, opt for nature-inspired prints, such as florals, leaves and watercolor designs that all translate your country views into your interior.  They don’t have to be bright florals or pastel colors either – these Aurora Ember curtains, from Hillarys (opens in new tab), offer a sophisticated option. 

14. Frame doors

Are you lucky enough to have a kitchen with doors leading out to the yard? If so, treat them to a window dressing that will add a softness to the room, while creating privacy if and when you need it.  These designs from Susie Watson (opens in new tab) feature a pretty trim and although they’re floor length, keeping the length shorter, so as not to pool on the floor, avoids them becoming a trip hazard for anyone going outside. 

15. Coordinate curtains with table linen

Kitchen are notorious for having lots of hard surfaces and straight lines, but fabrics help combat that.  From the curtains to your dining chair cushions, tablecloths to blinds, you have the opportunity to play around with materials and either coordinate them or mix and match as you choose.  Here, curtains from Vanessa Arbuthnott (opens in new tab) match a lining on the tablecloth, while the blinds and tea towels are all in fabrics from the same collection for a cohesive feel. 

16. Use a single curtain

If your country abode isn’t blessed with the largest of windows and doors, opt for a single curtain panel instead of two. Less fabric means less obstruction to a door or window opening, leaving you with uninterrupted views when open.  ‘As country homes can often have smaller windows, another trick is to hang your curtain pole wider, so your curtains won’t block the window when open to maximize the light,’ says Yvonne Keal, senior product manager, Hillarys (opens in new tab).  Inspired by the countryside and English gardens, this Henley collection from ILIV (opens in new tab) adds a strong punch of blue to an otherwise neutral scheme. 

17. Help them blend in 

If you want your curtains to add privacy and exclude drafts, but don’t necessarily want them to add pattern or color, then choose fabric in a similar shade to your walls.  Not only will it create a harmonious feel, but it means you can change the colors of your accessories as often as you like, without having to replace your curtains. The stripe on this design by Susie Watson Designs (opens in new tab) is subtle enough to create interest without becoming the focus of attention.

18. Show off the pole

Tie in wood details by matching the wood of your curtain pole to other elements in the room, such as countertops or the dining table and chairs.  These Emily curtains in Fuchsia feature a simple eyelet detail and are ready-made from Terrys Fabrics (opens in new tab) – plus, you can buy the pillow to match.

19. Use as decoration

In a kitchen with a double height aspect such as this, use curtains to break up the expanse of glass and add a softness to the otherwise industrial setting with its reclaimed materials.  As privacy is less important in this room, due to its location at the back of the house, use the curtains more for decoration and leave some of the windows free of fabric.  Hand-painted kitchen from Neptune (opens in new tab). 

20. Use sheer fabrics

Sheer curtains are ideal if you want to transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, and work especially well at small windows behind the sink – where you’re likely to be looking out as you do the washing-up.  Another benefit is that they can offer a good amount of UV protection while also filtering natural light – great for preventing other furnishings or furniture from fading in the sunlight.  Consider whether you want white or colored curtains, and keep them free from your windowsill to keep them clean. 

What are the classic ways to dress country kitchen windows?

Traditionally, curtains in a country kitchen were used to block out drafts and often appeared at windows of all sizes, along with internal doors. These days, they are used for so much more – to add a softness to the room, or color and pattern, and to cover windows that aren’t completely straight. ‘If you have several windows in your kitchen, I would recommend trying to include at least one pair of curtains to soften the look and also to absorb sound,’ says Vanessa Arbuthnott (opens in new tab).  ‘Too many blinds will create a less cozy feel, especially in the winter when the action of drawing the curtains is enough to make you feel warm. I would suggest giving kitchen curtains a cottage pleat or a double pleat heading as well, as they are less formal.  ‘Choose a window where you can have long curtains without blocking a radiator or getting too close to the cooking action.’

What patterns are on trend for country kitchen curtains?

Country style never dates – it’s totally timeless, and patterns such as stripes and checks are ever popular. ‘Stripes work well in kitchens as they are very simple yet elegant,’ says Susie of Susie Watson Designs (opens in new tab). ‘I think the key here is natural fabrics like linen prints that reflect the environment of the country.’  What about the size of your window – does that determine which print you should choose? ‘If you are graced with traditional, large-paned windows then opt for curtains with a statement pattern, such as a large scale floral print,’ says Debbie Leigh, design manager at ILIV (opens in new tab). ‘If you want to create the ultimate cozy country interior, then a fabric with a dark background will add further depth and drama.’ ‘For smaller windows, it’s best to stick to smaller scale floral designs or plains for the window and use pillows to introduce a feature pattern,’ Debbie continues. ‘Checks are often a great way to introduce a simple pattern to create a cozy country feel for a more minimalistic style.’ 

How do I choose curtains for my kitchen window?

Start by looking at the window you want to dress and where it’s located. Is it behind a sink, where you’ll want to look out at views? Would it be tricky to have curtains there – would a blind work better? Do you want your curtains for privacy, to help with drafts, or purely for decoration?  Once you’ve answered those questions you can better decide on what materials, length and design will work best for you. ‘I often use blinds in the functional areas and then curtains in the kitchen’s “living” area, either in the same fabric, or a similar fabric,’ says Susie of Susie Watson Designs (opens in new tab).  However, rural properties can have uneven walls and ceilings, so if buying off the peg isn’t for you, invest in some tailor-made curtains instead. ‘Opting for bespoke curtains lets you tailor the material, pattern, color and style to your own requirements,’ says Laura O’Connell, product designer at Thomas Sanderson (opens in new tab).  ‘Ready-made curtains come in standard sizes, while windows don’t – especially in country homes, where they can be a variety of shapes and sizes.’