In theory, the bedroom should be the coziest room in the home – not a dumping ground for discarded items and unwashed clothes. The right bedroom ideas (opens in new tab) will help you reclaim your sleep space and transform your most-used room in the house – yes, really – into a warm and welcoming sanctuary. 

Cozy bedroom ideas

These cozy bedroom ideas prove that you can have form and functionality, as well as style and sophistication, easily – whether you are looking for small bedroom ideas (opens in new tab) or want to make a large space feel cozy and intimate.

1. Use rich, warm tones for cozy bedroom ideas that envelop

The layers of bedroom color ideas (opens in new tab), patterns and textures in this space artfully come together to create a cozy bedroom you simply wouldn’t want to leave.  A deep earthy pumpkin tone is the starting point for the scheme – and the wall color certainly sets the mood, offset cleverly with a cooler, natural sage green shade on the woodwork for balance.  This tonal pairing is then carried through the rest of the bedroom story. The four-poster has been bespoke painted in a deep terracotta finish. The head and baseboard is upholstered in a striking geometric in pink and tangerine. The bedding, bench and artwork pick up on the sage green story. And the drapes enveloping the bed cleverly pull all the tones together with their jolly stripe design. A beautiful example that shows, what colors make a bedroom feel warmer?

2. Up the cozy factor with wallpaper

A wallpaper makeover is one of the best cozy bedroom ideas for a simple yet striking transformation, and there are numerous different bedroom wallpaper ideas (opens in new tab) and styles when it comes to choosing a look you’ll love.  This season’s decorating is inspired by the global traveller’s expeditions, with a rich palette of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and ochre adding warmth and depth to interiors.  Here, the earthy ochre of the linen headboard and the pinch of ginger in the cushions, against a tropical pictorial bedroom accent wall (opens in new tab), evoke the memory of faraway shores.

3. Bring nature into your cozy bedroom ideas for a restful feel

Instantly feel at ease with a cozy bedroom scheme that will transport you to nature.  Create a feature wall behind the bed using paint, wallpaper or wood panelling. If going for patterned wallpaper ideas (opens in new tab), keep the bed simple to avoid clashes.  According to color psychology, green shades are refreshing for mind and body – namely because they’re drawn directly from nature. Using a botanical pattern on any wall decor for the bedroom (opens in new tab) is a simple way to capture the feeling of calm you experience when walking through the woods – this one is Beech in Document Green, by Lewis & Wood (opens in new tab).  ‘It was inspired by saplings in spring – that wonderful time when the leaves start opening and everything feels open and peaceful,’ says Magdalen Jebb, the brand’s creative director. ‘We created the design to bring that mood indoors.’

4. Add warmth and texture with timber

The right colors, textures and planning are key to a blissfully peaceful and cozy bedroom. Borrowing nature’s palette is a sure way to create a soothing feel.  This space makes use of multiple textures – the unfinished wooden boards on the walls, the patchwork throw, the tiled floor – to give the impression of almost being outdoors, but the subtle pairing of green and neutrals maintains a relaxed mood. ‘Using real wood in this way feels comforting,’ says Robert Walsh, founder of Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors (opens in new tab).  In particular, wood cladding works to add warmth to a scheme and can even be used to conceal small bedroom storage ideas (opens in new tab) in more compact spaces.

5. Dress the bed (so it’s fit for a king – or queen)

Make your bed look as well-dressed as those done by professionals, particularly when decorating a guest bedroom (opens in new tab).  Focus on layers of textiles (duvet, pillows, cushions, throw) to add a sense of comfort, and reveal a generous amount of each later to stop it looking too busy.  Go for clean lines for a stylish look. Line pillows and cushions up at different heights to create smart visual interest without the effect being overly fussy.

6. Make your bed the focal point

Turn this key item of furniture into the focal point of your cozy bedroom ideas. Balance is an important design principle that creates a sense of structure and calmness. Use the bed as the central axis, as its design is naturally symmetrical.  It is also usually the largest piece of furniture, so is ideal to take centre-stage in the room’s layout. Throw in asymmetrical elements. The overriding look should be balanced, but one or two extra items will stop the room feeling too formal or traditional.

7. Focus on the headboard

The headboard you choose will set the tone of your bedroom, and opting for an oversized statement style can help anchor the space – creating a cozy bedroom you will never want to leave. Tall headboards are also a clever way to make a small bedroom look bigger (opens in new tab). In this Terrace Suite at Kit Kemp’s The Soho Hotel (opens in new tab), the master bedroom features a hand-embroidered appliqué headboard created in collaboration with fashion designer Clio Peppiatt and inspired by the local Soho music scene.  For your own scheme, consider creating a headboard with your favourite fabric for a finish that feels personal. For this, a stockist to know is Ensemblier London (opens in new tab). Go for a wall-mounted design that also sits on the floor for support, and finish with studwork or a contrasting pipework for a luxurious hotel-style look.

8. Create a feeling of calm with a single color scheme

Monochromatic color schemes (opens in new tab) are perfect for cozy bedroom ideas because they promote a feeling of calm, making your space a haven away from the rest of your day.  And, of course, the perfect color to choose for a calm bedroom or a zen bedroom is green: it’s restful and stress-relieving, and its deeper tones can feel cozy and enveloping, perfect for apartment bedroom ideas (opens in new tab).

9. Go bold with floral prints on a statement bed 

Statement headboard ideas are a fabulous way to display a bold oversize floral print such as this. In fact here, the entire bed has been upholstered in the vibrant pattern, making it a real showstopper. The tall gentle curve of the headboard softens the lines of the bed, making it feel truly inviting.  The large scale floral print is complemented with a friendly small scale print wallpaper. This geometric feel is continued on the bed with the cushion and bedcover designs. Nothing feels too matchy-matchy, which adds to the charm and helps the room to feel more personal and informal. 

10. Create a cozy bedroom with the right flooring

It’s the first thing you step onto in the morning, so picking the perfect flooring is vital. Lush carpet underfoot gives a luxurious feel that’s perfect for a cozy bedroom ideas.  Layer textures – deep-pile carpet, rustic board-effect wallpaper or cladding, and chunky knits – for a look that’s full of comfort, but keep the scheme smart with contemporary furniture and bedroom lighting ideas (opens in new tab), and sparkling fresh white bed linen.

How can I make my bedroom feel cozy?

There are a number of way you can make your bedroom feel cozy. Firstly, think about the best bedroom colors (opens in new tab). Neutral color palettes tend to be calming, easy and super stylish to decorate with, so are the perfect option for cosseting and cozy bedroom ideas or box room ideas (opens in new tab). One important aspect to consider, when decorating with neutrals (opens in new tab), is to bring in as much texture as possible as it creates interest and layers – important factors when strong colors are out of the picture. Consider warm metallics, such as brass and bronze, or natural wood elements alongside linens, velvets, sheepskins and chunky knits.