Recently, we interviewed Charlotte Rey, one half of interior design agency Campbell Rey, and she told us how she makes the most of curtain ideas in her schemes. ‘Curtains are one of the first things I think about in a room; they are such an amazing canvas to play with in so many ways, from the drapery to a pelmet shape, the fabric body, perhaps in a rich velvet or heavy linen, to the lining, which can be a gorgeous silk or a lighter cotton, to tassels, ties and tie backs,’ says Charlotte. Here, we showcase Charlotte’s favorite curtain tricks.

Creating drama with curtains

‘Custom-made curtains are a great investment, and if you’re having them created for a specific space,’ says Charlotte Rey. Here, she tells us how she approaches curtain design, from living room curtain ideas to bathroom curtain ideas, to create drapes with dramatic impact.

1. Think: pelmets with purpose

‘I think a pelmet in an interesting shape is a beautiful and fun way to make something special,’ says Charlotte. ‘The house or room itself can inform the shape you choose – whether that’s referencing a historical detail like a scroll or following the architectural proportions you might find a Georgian house.’

2. Pick heavy drapes for cozy luxury

‘In colder climates, like Sweden, where I’m from, we are used to having heavier curtains and they bring a certain richness to a room. When you draw them in the evening, the room becomes cozier and more intimate as the curtain fabric unveils itself.’

3. Add trimmings and tassels for detailed interest

‘It’s also very effective to add details to a pair of curtains to bring a room together – I love to add trim or a tape along the bottom hem or leading edge that works with a piece of furniture, texture, or color elsewhere in the room. ‘I love tassels; I know some people think they can be old fashioned, but the right ones can be sensual and a bit sexy in a space. They add a level of finish to a room that feels very special. I would pair a matte fabric with a silkier tassel and often veer towards a long tassel over a short.’

4. Put curtains in unexpected places

‘Curtains don’t need to be practical just for windows, they can also be decorative and transform a corridor with a hard exit into a space that feels softer and more embracing.’

5. Hang them high to exaggerate window size

‘We suggest hanging curtains as high up towards the ceiling as possible to give the impression of height in a room, and consider making them long enough to pool on the floor,’ says Charlotte.

How do you hang curtains like a professional?

To hang curtains like a professional, do as interior designer Charlotte Rey suggests and hang them as high as possible but allow the fabric to just pool on the floor. Doing so will make your ceilings seem higher and your room grander and more luxurious. Hang them too so that they can be pulled right back past the frame. This will help to exaggerate the proportions of the window, and allow as much light as possible into the room. Ensure there is enough fabric width in your curtains to make them look full even when closed – you need at least one and a half times the total width of the pole or track length.