Recent snaps shared on Victoria’s social media offer a glimpse into the couple’s London kitchen, with towering cabinetry by luxury Italian manufacturer Officine Gullo.  Known for its high-end metal-based designs and extraordinary range cookers, Officine Gullo is a leader in kitchen design – and we’re big fans of the brand’s cabinetry and ornate accessories, all of which combine beauty and functionality effortlessly.  In the first of the recent images shared on Instagram (opens in new tab), Victoria Beckham is sitting alongside her friend and actress Eva Longoria Baston. The two are pictured in robes, drinking at the foot of the wood topped kitchen island that dominates the space. ‘Yet again, two desperate housewives (and a baby) getting ready for girls’ night out,’ the fashion designer says. But, as fabulous as those ladies are, we were peering beyond them to glean more details about the kitchen – hey, it’s in our job descriptions. The most noticeable feature of the kitchen is how it uses vertical space. The ceilings of the some $35 million Holland Park house are, we estimate around 12 to 15ft tall, and the cabinetry goes right the way up to just shy of the ceiling.  A photo posted by on How does the diminutive designer reach those top cabinets? Why, with a ladder, of course, which is just out of shot. And, of course, it’s in a smart metal to match the cabinetry handles.  It can feel somewhat unfair to give the label of a ‘kitchen trend’ to any part of the space, as the term may suggest that the feature is fleeting. However, we can’t help but take note of the pans that hang, almost ornamentally, above the island, too. The photo offers a glimpse of Officine Gullo’s beautiful cabinetry, too.  In terms of accessories, there is a professional coffee maker sitting on the metal countertop – while the video below, also recently posted by Victoria, shows their traditional silver sink and faucet.  The dark hues of the cabinetry and the wood and metallic tones of the countertops contrast the otherwise pared back room color ideas seen through the cream-painted wall and the white and black hexagonal breakfast table by the window.  Officine Gullo (opens in new tab) was perhaps an inevitable choice for David and Victoria Beckham, who would inevitably crave a space that is good-looking enough to entertain – but practical enough to serve their family.  A photo posted by on The Florence-based company is known for luxury metal kitchens, professional cooking appliances, and accessories that stem from the vision of their founder Carmelo Gullo. The brand owns showrooms on both sides of the Atlantic (and worldwide), including in New York, Los Angeles, London, and, of course, Florence and Milan, the latter of which our Editor in Chief Lucy Searle was lucky enough to visit this year.  ‘I can attest that the quality of these kitchens is second-to-none,’ says Lucy. ‘Officine Gullo is always a star of the Milan design shows.’ The brand designs and creates beautiful but durable kitchens using raw materials in their workshops, where the metals are cut, folded and shaped by hand to achieve timeless oeuvres. The result, as seen in David and Victoria Beckham’s kitchen, is elegant timelessness.  You can learn more about the Officine Gullo and plan a visit to a showroom via their website.