The interior design should stand the test of time, both physically and in terms of lasting style.  At Sims Hilditch (opens in new tab) we work on homes all over the UK, including many properties in London, and here I explain the principles of creating stylish city interiors.

1. Bring in modern country style

One of the things we like to do when working with our city-based clients is to bring elements of the countryside into their interior, pairing it with range of contemporary finishes.  For instance, we might introduce tongue and groove paneling into a kitchen with Crittall doors, or natural fiber flooring like sisal carpet into a living room with a crisp metal coffee table. This comforting country aesthetic helps to temper the sharpness of the more contemporary glass and metal finishes typical of a modern city home, creating a timeless space that our clients want to live in.

2. Re-use and repurpose 

Many of the homes that we are introduced to in the city are steeped in history, and this is something we like to reflect in our designs.  Antiques are a must-have as they carry such weight in terms of character and individuality. Indeed, such historic pieces have already been proven to stand the test of time having survived until today, so it is almost a given that they will endure for many more years to come.  Often all they need is a sympathetic renovation, or even to be creatively repurposed for a different use.

3. Plan practical layouts

Timelessness is not just rooted in a home’s aesthetics, but also in its practicality. The disjointed layouts and lack of storage space often found in city interiors can be a problem that leads home owners to sell, often in favor of country residences with plenty of space.  This can be addressed with some careful spatial planning and sensitive renovation works. We excavated the basement of our Sims Hilditch headquarters (and my family’s London home) to create a spacious bedroom, media room and laundry room, freeing up plenty of room upstairs for a large kitchen and a formal sitting area.  We installed bespoke joinery throughout, utilizing awkward spaces which would otherwise have been wasted, and ensuring plenty of storage ideas to keep all the paraphernalia required to accommodate a family.