Launching his eponymous design firm in 2001, Scot quickly became one of Northern California’s most sought-after interior designers, rapidly developing an impressive portfolio of projects across the United States.  An early recognizer of the benefits of technology, Scot quickly rose as one of the industry’s most vivid influencers, becoming a popular speaker and frequent face among the pages of interiors magazines. With the opening of his lifestyle boutique Scot Meacham Wood Home (opens in new tab) in 2014, this former concert pianist partnered with the world’s most historic mills in creating a bespoke collection of custom textiles, bringing old-world elegance and luxury to the San Francisco Design Center.  Since then, the SMW Home family of products has grown to include furnishings, accessories, décor, and art appealing to trade professionals and discerning homeowners alike. Here, Scott tells us his design story. ‘SMW Home began as a twinkle in my eye over two decades ago. Even in the midst of a running thriving interior design business in San Francisco, I always dreamed of having my own textile collection.  ‘It had to be tartan, it had to be milled in Scotland, and it had to be from a remarkable mill with a storied history and an interest in collaboration on a collection of custom patterns. ‘After an enormous amount of groundwork, I deliciously ended up in Scotland to review ideas and put the final touches on the collection of tartans that would become the beginnings of SMW Home. It was thrilling. This was in December 2013. ‘By the following autumn, the collection was complete, and we started building the world that SMW Home needed to be. Beautiful tartan throws. Exceptional antiques that I was able to source from London. We launched the website, and away we went!  ‘Though I have always been associated with my family heritage and love of all things Scottish, I needed SMW Home to be more. We began creating beautiful botanicals and florals to work with our tartans that we produced here in the US. And clearly, we needed wallpaper too. Whenever I needed a new resource, my design community ALWAYS came through with great partners and manufacturers. ‘That brings us to today. We are feverishly soon launching our Spring ‘23 collection here at SMW Home Headquarters in Manhattan. I like having a nine to 12-month head start on presenting a collection, so we’ve been submerged in Spring since early summer.  ‘As I work on putting together a collection, there are always three adjectives that have to apply to any new pattern. It needs to feel “nostalgic”. I love involving the past, whether the 1880s or the 1980s. It has to feel “romantic”. Anything from lush florals to bold tartans, I want our textiles to create a little flush in one’s cheeks. And finally, patterns need to feel “dramatic”. If we need a yellow, it’s going to be a bright marigold. If we think a particular collection needs a large botanical to round it out-let’s make it gigantic! ‘One of the best days with SMW Home is when I get strike-off samples at the studio. After what can sometimes be months of making decisions in a very abstract fashion, there is nothing like the first time I get to hold it in my hands. I don’t always cry, but I often do. The other great day is seeing a fantastic designer create something magical for their own clients. I assume it’s something like being a proud parent.’