Dressing our homes with Easter decor ideas provides a moment to pause and contemplate the meaning of the holiday, as well as providing a wonderful opportunity to celebrate springtime in our homes. And it’s a great way to welcome guests with beautiful seasonal decorations. When it comes to Easter decorations, there’s no wrong approach. You can celebrate through florals – think scented bulbs and fresh blooms, botanical bakes and prints. Or color. Pastels scream spring… albeit not loudly.  You could even try your hand at making some of the more decorative details, such as Easter wreaths, quirky table settings and eggs on display – both the authentic and chocolate versions. Elegant vintage finds top off the look. We created these Easter decorations using classic seasonal ‘ingredients’, including eggshells, alongside dried and fresh flowers. None of them takes long to make, but they will bring the season to life in your home.

Easter decorations – easy ideas to make at home

These simple yet stunning Easter decorations can be used around your home – as Easter table decorations, for party favors, mantelpieces and even doors. ‘The beauty of these pieces is that they take humble materials, such as hen eggs and flowers picked from the garden, and turn them into glorious decorative pieces,’ says creator and stylist Sara Bird. ‘They are objects you could make mindfully alone, or craft together with family and friends. And if you want, they’ll last much longer than the Easter weekend to bring joyful style to your home.’

1. Decorate Easter eggs to display

Easter decorations wouldn’t be complete without eggs on display. If you have an idea for how to decorate Easter eggs but you’re unsure how to display them, then this decorative dome is ideal. This is one of those Easter craft ideas that looks good year-round. To make the eggs, cut out tissue paper shapes from pre-printed paper napkins. Using decoupage glue, stick and paint the glue under and over the tissue and attach to ceramic eggs. Leave them to one side to dry.  To arrange, line the base of the dome with moss, then place a pre-formed nest on top. Nestle the eggs and some dried flowers in the nest and place the dome on top.

2. Create an Easter table centerpiece

Easter decorating should really center around the lunch table. This simple yet beautiful Easter table centerpiece is made with seasonal flowers and emptied eggshells arranged in a circular shape. Use it as a table decoration for your Easter lunch, a mantelpiece focal point, or even a delicate gift idea.

3. Make an easy Easter basket

Easter basket ideas are wonderful for celebrating Easter with children – but they can be part of your Easter decor as well.  You can transform a simple basket with this stylish hack combining preserved and dried flowers and a ribbon bow.  Thread a length of florist wire around the front edge of the Easter basket, then tie off the ends. Push the flowers under the wire, hiding the stems.  Finish off with a length of ribbon tied under the flowers in a bow.

4. Make a wreath using eggs and feathers

Easter wreath ideas come in all shapes and styles, but this is a pretty Easter decorating idea that you can make over a weekend. You’ll need a steady hand and even steadier nerves, but delicate blown eggs decorated with paint and pretty feathers create a distinctive wall hanging. We have a lovely step by step to show you how to make an Easter wreath with flowers, too.

5. Arrange a twiggy tree

Making an indoor tree is so simple using twigs from the garden mixed with pussy willow. Use a pretty urn like this and put oasis in the bottom to push the branches into, and cover with moss, then hang speckled eggs tied with raffia or ribbon from them. 

6. Style up an Easter basket

Baskets are synonymous with Easter decor and make a lovely table decoration by using different real eggs – white duck and hen’s eggs, quails’ eggs and Bluebell Aurancana eggs.  For a similar basket, Etsy (opens in new tab) has various vintage baskets with handles. Add flower heads to the bowl for a nice touch. 

7. Style a dresser with seasonal blooms and vintage finds

Make a focal piece of furniture the center point of your Easter decorating. An antique white painted dresser base and carved Tunisian shelf, set against beautiful French panelling – all from Cotswold antiques barn C’est Tout – makes the perfect place to pay homage to spring.  Style the scene with an array of vintage pots and vases filled with spring bulbs, cut tulips, narcissi and hyacinths.

8. Forage for spring flowers

Easter decorations can be taken outdoors, too. Getting out on a country bike ride, with the fresh spring air gushing past, is a real tonic for the soul.  Make the ride even sweeter by stopping off to buy a bunch of heavenly scented narcissi. Their floral fragrance drifting up on the breeze as they bob about in your basket is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.  Use them alongside sprigs of blossom and tulips to add the finishing touches to a wreath of pussy willow.

9. Arrange flowers as highs and lows

For a rustic approach to Easter decor, turn to loose arrangements of flowers. For a run of flowers, pick blooms and foliage like these narcissi, grass and fern stems and place them in vases and pots of different shapes and sizes. Position them along the length of the table. Then cut the flowers and foliage to different heights to suit the vase.  There are no rules, but balance the width and height and just stand back occasionally to make sure the heights are different. 

10. Create a quirky floral display

Create a unique botanical display by filling vintage finds with spring bulbs and cut flowers. Opt for an array of vessels with sculptural shapes and time-worn patinas, such as vintage French confit pots, urn-shaped Dartmouth vases, weathered watering cans, and even vintage enamel colanders for a quirky feel.  Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and car-boot sales for items to repurpose.

11. Give a gardener’s gift

Easter decor ideas can be gifts too. If you have green-fingered friends, and for an individual touch, place seedlings in pots on each plate for guests to take home and plant. You can make seed pots like these from newspaper, using a paper potter available from The Nether Wallop Trading Company (opens in new tab).   Simply fill the pot with compost that isn’t too damp and pop the seedling in – sweet peas, nasturtiums, strawberries, beans or peas all work well. You could then wrap with string and add a label if you wish. 

12. Bring Easter to your mantelpiece

Create an Easter decor display by pinning up bunting, hanging wreaths and styling up shelves with spring bulbs and vintage treasures.  We love the simple asymmetry of this spring wreath, and it’s super easy to make. Get a double-ring wreath frame and pack tightly with sphagnum moss. Secure in place with floristry wire.  Cut sprigs of blossom and arrange off-centre, poking into the moss to secure. Embellish with a ribbon made from scrap vintage fabric and a handwritten calligraphy tag, such as this Easter tag from Edie Rose Ashley.

13. Style a serving spot

Serving areas, such as a trolley or side table, look good dressed with natural materials inside or out. Position a trolley by an open door for instance. ‘Informality lies at the heart of alfresco dining these days so keep things simple with large platters, sharing boards and low serving bowls so people can easily help themselves,’ says The White Company (opens in new tab) founder Chrissie Rucker.  ‘Think of interesting ways to decorate the space too - if you’re outside, hang up a string of paper lanterns or swathes of bunting to define the serving space.’ Our outdoor dining ideas will help you set the scene.

14. Combine foliage with homemade wreaths

Easter decorations can be boosted with foliage and blooms from the garden. Here, swathes of greenery paired with quaint vintage-style egg illustrations are a charming variation on the seasonal standard.

15. Love vintage finds

This all-over bird design – Hummingbirds from Cole & Son (opens in new tab) – makes a pretty backdrop for spring days.  If you don’t want to decorate all walls, just use it on a feature wall to define a space, such as the mantelpiece wall, or maybe in an alcove or recess.  Place matching vintage vases, found by florist Willow Crossley at flea markets, with stunning Fritillaria Persica.

16. Fill vases with eggs

Easter decorations can find a place in a living room, too. Large glass vases filled with hand-painted and string-wrapped eggs are a simple yet effective way to add a seasonal touch. You could also use the chocolate variety, of course.

17. Hang pretty painted plates

Another Easter decor idea that can boost interest in your rooms year-round – hanging plates in pretty pastels is an easy option. Plates adorned with gold-leaf eggs form part of an elegant display of china and are a subtle way to evoke the theme. 

18. Spell it out

A welcoming garland and ornamental rabbits set a lighthearted tone for Easter visitors. Buy a ready-made set, or create your own. 

19. Go big on spring foliage

A large space such as this entryway is no place to be half-hearted. It’s paid off here to go big with Easter decorations – both in the scale of the foliage wreath and the spread of pots and bulbs on the table.  Symmetry – in the arrangement of the flowers and lighting – keeps things sophisticated. 

20. Serve up pastels

Make the most of high tea by serving dainty friands and a beautifully decorated Easter cake, shown off to best effect on a ceramic stand for all to admire.

How do you make Easter special at home?

‘My tip is to think about how you would decorate at Christmas or other holidays, and add an Easter twist,’ says stylist Sara Bird. ‘An Easter wreath, an Easter tree, themed table settings and Easter flower arrangement will bring the season alive throughout your home.’ Don’t forget Easter recipes to bring a special touch to your seasonal entertaining. Creating a menu using fresh produce and presenting it in a simple but stylish way at the table is sure to bring joy to family and friends.