For all our Easter decorating ideas, from makes to decorations, don’t miss our dedicated guide.

Easter table decor ideas

These pretty Easter table decor ideas range from quick but cute table settings you can put together in minutes to makes that take a little longer. One thing they all have in common: they’re all alluringly pretty.

1. Create a cute table centerpiece

An Easter table will always be best-dressed with a table centerpiece. There are so many ways to make an Easter table centerpiece (we have plenty more below), but this is one of our favorites. ‘I made this for Homes & Gardens with hens eggs, carefully cracked, cleaned and placed in a ring. A few drops of water and some seasonal flowers from my garden were then all that was needed,’ says stylist Sara Bird (opens in new tab).

2. Combine foliage with Easter table decor

Easter craft ideas needn’t be kitsch – by hard boiling and painting eggs in muted colors and dotting them around a cake plate with foliage, you can create a really beautiful Easter table decor idea that’s sustainable too. ‘I loved to make this with my kids when they were young,’ says Editor in Chief of Homes & Gardens Lucy Searle. ‘Once I’d keep the eggs fairly cool throughout the day, then the children would have fun cracking them for egg sandwiches in the evening.’

3. Make place settings with take-home floral wreaths

If you have time to spend making special Easter table decor ideas for guests to take home – or for you to recycle for the next holiday celebration, table wreath place settings can be really quite beautiful.  You can make an Easter wreath out of spring flowers, of course – we have a step by step for making a DIY spring wreath. However, if you want to get prepped ahead of the holiday, why not use dried flower arrangements that you can be repurposed from Easter wreath ideas for Memorial Day decor, July 4th decor and beyond… 

4. Decorate eggs for your Easter table

If you want to mix Easter table decorations with crafts you can do alone, with friends or with children, Easter egg decorating ideas are a real crowd-pleaser. They can range from this plain but posh table centerpiece right through to hand-painted, decoupaged or stamped eggs; we have more ideas below.

5. Fashion baskets for the Easter table

We generally associate Easter basket ideas with cute containers kids can use for Easter egg hunts, but they can be for grown ups – and grown up Easter tables, too. And, they needn’t be time-consuming to create. A row of three to five (odd numbers are always more visually pleasing) pretty baskets holding a selection of speckled and plain eggs (real or fake) makes for a wonderful Easter table decoration or centerpiece.

6. Layer place settings

‘The tablecloth is the star of the show and sets the tone for the whole table,’ suggests Seb Bishop, CEO, Summerill & Bishop (opens in new tab). ‘Add a charger plate, beneath a slightly smaller plate and follow with the napkins, matching them with the tablecloth, and place them over the plate.  ‘Glassware comes next with white wine on the far left followed by red and water. Our last tip is crucial, now that everything is set, don’t forget to live in the moment to absorb it all. It’s a special thing to be surrounded by those you love.’

7. Decorate eggs for a pretty place setting

For an individual place setting idea, why not paint and decorate Easter eggs? It’s an old tradition at Easter time and fun to do. To make one like this, choose a leaf or flower – this is a parsley leaf – and attach it onto the egg. Then using water based or acrylic paints, stipple on color and leave to dry. Then remove the leaf and you have your design. Use a simple tag for the name or just write straight onto the egg.

8. Tie a place setting posy

‘Choose a handful of seasonal flowers and foliage, preferably those which are semi flat-sided so that they rest on the napkin with their faces looking up,’ says florist Kitten Grayson.  ‘Here I used Ammi Black Night Sweet Peas and Wiltshire Ripple Diablo foliage. If you are using fresh flowers, make sure to have a little bud vase placed nearby to pop them into once the meal begins. Alternatively, dried flowers are a lovely option as they act as a special keepsake beyond the meal.’ Kitten Grayson’s Easter flower arrangement step by step will show you how to create a table full of Easter blooms.

9. Make pretty Easter place cards

Easter table place cards are such an easy idea and lovely to make to complement your Easter recipes. This one complements the vintage tablecloth and china perfectly. Using thin card, cut the shape, 10 x 10cm is a good size, then fold in half.   Then either use a flower stamp, or if you want to, hand-draw the design from the tablecloth, write the name on, then punch a small hole on one side and carefully push a tiny flowerhead or two through. 

10. Make a simple Easter centerpiece

Pleasingly simple, but with wonderful impact, this floral centerpiece has been created using a deep, round serving bowl. Fill the vessel with flowers taken straight from their pots – we used white narcissi, but small tulips or a mix of spring blooms would have equal appeal.  Disguise the soil with pale sphagnum moss (from florists), and your focal point is complete.

11. Layer up china in pretty pastels

When creating Easter place settings it’s always best to layer patterned plates with plain to help make each design shine. Don’t be afraid to lay pretty pieces on industrial tables – it all contributes to an eclectic look.  Pastel pink and pale duck egg blue provide the key color accents for this delightful table setting. On table from top left: Ice Green Poole Pottery plate, find similar at Etsy (opens in new tab)

12. Have an Easter afternoon tea

Lift spirits by serving a vintage-inspired afternoon tea. For a pretty yet rustic spread, lay a painted table with potted bulbs and mix and match vintage plates and teacups. Add a floral flourish by decorating bakes with edible flowers, piling them up on a beautiful handcrafted pedestal cake stand, and serve with vintage cake forks and block-printed napkins.

13. Pile up painted eggs for a table centerpiece

Decorate eggs in different ways and display grouped on a platter or use them to style place settings. Using blown or craft eggs, coat with PVA then cover with glitter and fabric scraps, or paint and attach pressed flowers, lace or floral stamps. Alternatively buy beautiful hand-decorated eggs from Betty & Violet (opens in new tab). 

14. Create a floral display

A beautiful carrot cake topped with orange cream cheese frosting and dried edible rose petals, baked by Spring Bake (opens in new tab), makes a pretty showpiece set on a handmade stand.  Add instant cheer by pinning up seasonal artworks, such as Unity Coombes (opens in new tab)’ mini duck and rabbit paintings and vintage-inspired floral scented sachets from The Blueberry Patch (opens in new tab).

15. Dress up an Easter breakfast table

Lay a pretty table for Easter morning by mixing and matching vintage and floral china, playing with scale of pattern. Juxtaposing polka dots and stripes with chintz floral patterns, the contemporary ceramics of Virginia Graham (opens in new tab) bring a playful modern twist.  Additional photography/Helen Cathcart Styling/Ali Brown and Sara Bird