While Barbiecore is only a recent movement, it has already made headlines across the industries – influencing celebrity wardrobes and high fashion shows. It is no surprise; therefore, that pink is currently dominating interior design trends, too.  Though, in all its flirtatious fun, Barbiecore can be hard to get right. The trend is synonymous with over-indulgent color ideas – which may be popular now – but how can you ensure your pink stands the test of time? If anybody can make it possible, it is Joa Studholme.  Joa, the Color Curator at Farrow & Ball, has shared two color combinations that pay homage to the trend in the most sophisticated way possible. And even if Barbiecore passes, we expect these color combinations to endure many seasons ahead. 

How to style Barbiecore – according to Farrow & Ball 

‘Pink has proved to be enduringly popular ever since ‘millennial pink’ became the color du jour for a certain generation. We have enjoyed blush pinks, baby pinks, and just the merest hint of pink, but right now, we are all yearning for some properly indulgent sugary pink in the home,’ Joa says.  But when decorating a pink room in the Barbiecore era, she suggests two shades in particular: Sulking Room Pink (opens in new tab) and Archive color Fruit Fool (opens in new tab). Below are the tones she recommends pairing them alongside. 

Sulking Room Pink and Paean Black 

‘Sulking Room Pink used on the walls of this kitchen certainly creates a wow factor but also feels fabulously inviting – it positively glows,’ Joa explains.  The image below exemplifies bold kitchen ceiling ideas by using Sulking Room Pink on the ceiling and the walls. This allows you to feel ‘wrapped’ in the pink’s warmth, ‘while the white used on the windows accentuates its pink tone’ and creates a youthful feel. Much like that of Barbiecore.  ‘Living with pink puts a skip in your step and brings you succor – and additionally, this room still feels perfectly grounded by the unexpected use of luxe Paean Black (opens in new tab) on the units,’ Joa says.

Fruit Fool and Cola 

Alternatively, Fruit Fool’s pink hues pair well with warm darks like rich brown Cola.  ‘Pink just makes you smile, and no more so than when you come across it in an unexpected place. Here, used in the back of a kitchen dresser, it can’t fail to raise your spirits, especially when combined with so many pink accessories,’ Joa explains.  Joa describes this pink and brown kitchen color idea as ‘bohemian’ – adding that the space felt somewhat botanic before adding the pink. ‘If you combine any pink solely with white you get a totally different feel – one of fun and freedom.’ This is everything we want and expect from Barbiecore.