Armed with the right lawn care to make your lawn green and thick, the process of getting rid of mushrooms on the lawn is simple – and it begins at the source: their food.  While you may wonder how to grow mushrooms to bring into your kitchen, it is less likely that you will want to indulge in the fungi growing on your lawn. Though they are not typically poisonous to humans, it is best to avoid them unless you are sure they’re safe to eat. So, the best thing to do is remove them from your garden permanently.  Here, gardening experts explain how.

How do I stop mushrooms from growing on my lawn? Expert solutions to the common problem 

If you’re looking to preserve your vegetable garden ideas for your kitchen garden and not your lawn, Jason Vergara, the Founder of the World Mushroom Society (opens in new tab), has the answer. 

1. Remove the mushroom’s food source 

According to Jason, the answer is simple. ‘All you need to do is remove the food source that the mushrooms are feeding on. In most cases, this will be dead or decaying plant matter,’ he says.  The expert explains that if there is no food source for the mushrooms to feed on, they will not be able to grow – so you should clean up any fallen leaves, tree bark, branches, or other debris from your lawn on a regular basis. Dethatching a lawn can help with this. ‘Different climates will provide different challenges when it comes to preventing mushrooms. In general, hot and humid climates are more conducive to mushroom growth than cold or dry climates. This is because mushrooms need moisture to grow,’ he adds. 

2. Maintain your lawn  

Similarly, taking care of your lawn will encourage mushrooms to stay away. Jason explains that this can be as simple as ‘raking up leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from your lawn on a regular basis and watering your lawn and garden regularly. He also recommends using the best lawn mower to cut your grass frequently. 

3. Invest in a commercial product 

While it is always better to approach chemical products with caution, Jason suggests that some are able to assist in getting rid of mushrooms on the lawn.  Fertilizing a lawn with ‘fertilizers containing nitrogen will help break down the decaying matter that the mushrooms are feeding on and at the same time stimulate lawn growth,’ he says. However, he does not recommend some commercial fungicides that are sometimes used, as these can destroy your soil health if used too liberally. 

Is it essential to remove mushrooms? 

‘While it’s not absolutely necessary to remove mushrooms that are already growing on your lawn, it is generally a good idea, Jason says. The expert explains that this fungi releases spores into the air as they grow – meaning they can spread diseases to your grass and other plants.  ‘These spores are also a method to spread the growth of mushrooms. In addition, some types of mushrooms are poisonous if ingested by humans or animals. For these reasons, it’s usually best to remove them as soon as you see them,’ he adds. Once removed, you may have to repair patches in grass. 

Can you remove mushrooms by hand?

If you’ve completed the prevention steps but still come across mushrooms on your lawn, it is possible to remove them by hand. Kyle Tingley, the resident lawn care expert at The Backyard Master (opens in new tab), suggests pulling them out at the base and discarding them in your yard waste bin. ‘This will prevent the spores from spreading throughout your yard.’