During lockdown, her portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were labeled as a ‘viral sensation’ – and she has since shared further works of Chadwick Boseman, Desmond Tutu, and Kevin Hart (a co-star in her newest movie, Lift).   Her rise in the design industry means she’s quickly becoming a master of decorating with art – and it would seem that Soho House agrees. In celebration of their new Westbourne Grove Studio in London, Gugu shared advice with Soho House Magazine (opens in new tab) around decorating with art in the home, and naturally, we took note. And the top of the agenda? Using art to change the tone of your home throughout the year.  When visiting Soho Home (opens in new tab), Gugu was unsurprisingly attracted to the rotating artwork in store (created in collaboration with M.A.H Gallery (opens in new tab)). However, it is the neutral base behind the artwork that matters in terms of bringing artwork into the home.  ‘I’m really attracted to the idea of having a relatively neutral canvas and – depending on your mood or the season – changing the tone of the space through art,’ Gugu says. ‘Home is somewhere I want to relax, and I find color very energizing – which is good sometimes, but not when you’re resting.’ Gugu’s room color ideas work in every room, whether you’re bringing art into your bedroom, living room, or making a statement in your entryway. As long as the base is neutral and versatile – you can ensure any painting looks good in your home – even as your change your pieces to adapt to your mood (and the seasons).  Gugu’s rule for using neutrals is tried and tested in her own home – but her interior design tips don’t end there. Alongside exhibiting art, she also shares how to create a spa-like ambiance in your home – most primarily in the bathroom.  ‘I like quite a clean, calming space,’ she says.  ‘I love the sanctuary of a big bathtub and a bit of downtime, especially when you’re jet-lagged after traveling or decompressing from a busy day on set.’  So, subtle paint ideas, bold artwork, and big bathtubs all have a seal of approval from Gugu. We’re ready to take on her advice at the next opportunity, via Soho Home, naturally.