Chances are you have some favorite Halloween decorating ideas that you rely on to bring spooky style to your home. But why not update your decor this year with some easy – and bewitchingly elegant – fall craft ideas you can update for Halloween? Stylist Sara Bird has created these easy makes for us, which can be used to bring a Halloween touch all around the home. 

Halloween craft ideas – easy makes and style-ups

These Halloween craft ideas can be used to add seasonal embellishments throughout the home, whether you are updating Halloween door decor ideas, planning to add some trick-or-treat outdoor Halloween decor to your yard, or bringing some spooky style to the dinner table with Halloween table decor ideas.

1. Drip wax to give candles a spooky look

This is such a simple idea but it’s surprisingly effective at bringing a spooky look to your living space.  ‘Rescue bottles and recycle them into chilling candle holders with the help of some dripped wax,’ Sara says.  Start by cleaning and drying the bottles, removing any labels. Insert a tall candle into the top, then with another lit candle, drip wax down the sides of the bottle, turning to cover all sides. Put the bottles to one side to dry before placing on a dining table.   If you want to tone down the look so it sits beautifully within your fall decor ideas, simply change the accessories and trimmings you place around your candle display. ‘Opt for shining chestnuts and branches laden with berries, instead of pumpkins and spiders,’ says Sara.

2. Use lace doilies to create a spider web effect

These lace embroidery ‘webs’ are a wonderful seasonal addition to your wall decor ideas.  ‘Mount crocheted doilies onto embroidery hoops then hang on a wall,’ explains Sara. ‘If the doilies are too small, cut and fasten to linen with a little iron-on tape. Arrange the webs in clusters and dress with spiders of all sizes to scare the unaware!’

3. Decorate a pumpkin with a petal ‘moon’

Give pumpkins a mysterious makeover with some paint and petals – it’s a super-easy no-carve pumpkin idea. ‘Wash and dry the pumpkin, then give a it a couple of coats of paint – choose black for a mysterious night-time look,’ suggests Sara.  ‘Draw a template of a moon onto some paper, then transfer with pen onto the side of the pumpkin. Cover the shape with double-sided tape.  ‘Pick petals and stick them on the pumpkin to fit the moon shape. Arrange on a cake stand among seasonal decor and treats.’

4. Make ‘ghosts’ from table linen

Mock up mini spirits to hover and haunt at home – these would be a great complement to your Halloween porch decor ideas, as the ‘ghosts’ will swing and sway spookily in any breeze. Sara explains how to make them: ‘Using lace-edge table linens, drape then over polystyrene craft balls. A little double-sided tape will keep the cloths in place.  ‘Smooth the fabric over the ball to create the face and figure shape. Attach a length of invisible thread into place with a small stitch at the top of the figure, and hang from the ceiling or porch beam.’

6. Capture faux crows in glass domes

A sinister take on mantel decor ideas – but one that’s perfect for the scariest night of the year. ‘Dress mantels and shelves with faux birds kept under glass for a sophisticated yet sinister look,’ says Sara.  ‘Perch the bird decorations onto twiggy branches and wire into place. Mini pumpkins and seasonal foliage add to the chilling atmosphere.’

7. Pair lanterns with pumpkins

An attractive display of pumpkins and lanterns makes for a classic outdoor fall decor idea – but we’ve added a few faux spiders for a frightening twist. Simply remove the spiders once Halloween is over and you won’t scare your neighbors! ‘Make a spine-chilling scene at your front door with pumpkin-loaded lanterns,’ suggests Sara. ‘Use the pumpkins as they come naturally or give them a coat of paint to add drama. Add a few leaves and spiders for a seasonal scary touch.’

8. Load a crate with Halloween motifs

Another Halloween scare-up to add to your fall porch ideas. Simply add faux crows and spiders to a seasonal display of squash and pumpkins. Buy the produce from the grocer or learn how to grow pumpkins so you harvest the ingredients for your display from your own backyard.  ‘Line up terracotta pots in an apple crate and prop pumpkins in the top. Dress the display with fall foliage and flowers and use it to decorate an entryway,’ says Sara.  ‘Use a crate to add height to your display, with more foliage and lanterns arranged on the floor.’

9. Create a Halloween centerpiece

This pretty candle centerpiece is a cute fall table decor idea – with the addition of themed macrons from Emma Dodi Cakes (opens in new tab). ‘Placing a seasonal arrangement in the center of the room is an effective way to draw the eye, day or night,’ explains Sara. ‘Use a cake stand to raise a glass vase with a sturdy candle placed inside. Dress with fall foliage, flowers, berries and finds as the season changes.’

10. Turn a shelf into a scarily attractive display

It takes just a few themed extras to turn a shelf into a Halloween display.  ‘Use a goblet or vase for cut flowers, then pick nuts, seed, fruits and leaves to fill bottles, jars and bare surfaces to give color and texture to a shelf,’ suggests Sara. ‘It’s one of many living room corner ideas that can add interest to an empty space. ‘Intersperse your display with Halloween accessories – I’ve added a faux crow but you might add ghosts, spiders, bats and webs.’

11. Decorate a vase of fall flowers

Sometimes you just need a scattering of spiders to turn a fall bouquet into a fright night display. ‘Collect foliage, flowers, and branches filled with berries – choose those with woody stems and flowers that dry stylishly, as this will mean your arrangement will last for weeks and simply dry naturally,’ Sara says. Scatter your spooky addition on and around the display for a Halloween flourish.

12. Hang a Halloween wreath

Upgrade your fall wreath display with a Halloween touch. ‘A door display is a classic way to welcome your fright night guests,’ says Sara, who has created a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Halloween wreath. ‘Using a ready-made willow wreath, add lengths of grape vine to create a base, teasing the twigs out for a rustic look. Add bendy foliage branches around the wreath in curves, pushing in and out of the twigs and securing with florist wire.  ‘Finally, push in berry, flower and seed head cuttings then hang up with a ribbon.’

What crafts can you make for Halloween?

The simplest and most sustainable way to make crafts for Halloween is to decorate pumpkins and display them in your yard, porch and inside your home.  ‘You could choose to carve your pumpkins, or opt for no-carve ideas such as painting the gourds or decorating them with Halloween-inspired paper motifs.’ Pumpkins are a symbol of fall, so they can also be used as part of your fall mantel ideas and Thanksgiving decor ideas. You can even use leftover pumpkins as fertilizer.