So, if you are looking for home office ideas and want to give your space the mildest of masculine twists, these are the spaces for you. They will help you get your home office setup just right, as well as providing you with a room that inspires creativity.  Less is more, so be careful not to over design. Bear in mind too that very masculine designs can sometimes feel stark and clinical, so balance this by introducing warmth with plenty of texture, wood and layered lighting to add interest. 

Home office ideas for him

Let our carefully-curated selection of home office ideas for him inspire you to be brave with your interior choices – and give you the confidence to take on any home office trend.

1. Consider a decorative wall to zone the office space

If yours is a busy life you’ll want a modern home office that’s uncluttered, calm and tackles home office storage ideas head on. ‘For a more masculine feel, darker surfaces can create a luxurious yet professional looking home office space, whilst lighter tones can pair well with pastel tones and brushed brass accents for a more feminine approach,’ advises Oliver Webb, director of Cullifords (opens in new tab). ‘Wherever your office space is, the key is making sure it integrates effortlessly into the room it is in and coordinates with the homeowner’s individual style.’

2. Black works well as an accent color

When thinking about home office design tips, start with the fundamentals. A large statement home office desk will create a focal point in the room. Try to position near a window, if possible, this will allow you visual breaks from your screen during the day.   ‘A masculine, refined look works well in an office, think leather chairs, clean lines and natural materials,’ says Jen and Mar, founders of Interior Fox (opens in new tab). ‘Keeping the home office paint color scheme neutral with subtle hints of pattern and texture adds contrast and promotes a peaceful environment, ideal for working quietly, free of distractions.’

3. Invest in stylish storage for a minimalist look

‘In this busy modern world, having a simple yet stylish has never been more important, so it’s no wonder that homeworkers are turning to the principles of minimalism and creating pared-back spaces perfect for switching off and unwinding,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. Sleek and contemporary, this minimalist home office has clean lines combined with organic shapes which ensures the overall feel has depth. A large storage space means the desk area can be kept clutter free – always a bonus.

4. Try an unusual color combination

Once considered a luxury, small home offices have become a necessity for many in the post-pandemic world, with more of us working from home regularly or perhaps even permanently, so it is important to carefully consider the color scheme of said space.  The return of the seventies has been influencing interior trends for 2022; with a palette of warm taupe, tan browns and chocolate tones that pair well with lively blues and pure whites for a truly contemporary space that sings out.

5. Go dark on the walls and bright with accessories

‘Making a home unique is about displaying all aspects of your character, so don’t shy away from this when creating a dedicated workspace. If you love bright accessories and prints, for example, include them in your home office too.  I love drama, so I’d pair a sleek, masculine desk, such as our Honshu, with some really colorful accessories to create a real contrast,’ says Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director of OKA (opens in new tab). 

6. Choose a desk that will add productivity 

‘Appreciating how to approaching a home office setup is a desirable skill with work space within the home more in demand than ever. And a tidy office is one of the most important factors in productivity, so make space for all the tools you need with a generous worktop.  Invest in high-quality, timeless silhouettes that offer functionality and will stand the test of time,’ says Lou Graham, creative director of Graham & Green (opens in new tab). For added elegance, pair soft neutral woods with striking dark accents.’

7. Balance both him and her elements 

If you are sharing a home office for him with home office ideas for her, then you may want to balance the masculine with the feminine. ‘As we were designing this space for a husband and wife, it was vital that we met in the middle when planning for two,’ says Brad Ramsey, principal designer and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors (opens in new tab).  Shared spaces are often tricky to navigate when it comes to aesthetics, but we were able to create harmony with details that both parties would love and benefit from. Here, a utilitarian color palette of grey pairs well with beautiful brass accents. As this was a home office for two, it was necessary to ensure that their would be enough storage space. The fitted cupboards hold a mix of open and hidden shelving – perfect for stowing away books and paperwork. In the end, I think we attained a very functional and attractive space that seamlessly flows with the rest of the home design.’

8. Create an office nook with bold wallpaper

‘With working from home much more the norm today, it is vital to create an inspiring space, one that signals time to settle in and focus – and it need not be an entire separate room, simply focusing your attention on a light filled corner can be more than enough space if carefully planned,’ says Stefan Ormenisan, founder and creative director of MindTheGap (opens in new tab). ‘Instead of a plain white area, which harks back to the more traditional office, but can be rather dull, why not add layers of bold print to the walls and through the accessories – such as lampshades and cushions – to carve out and signal a creative space. This will ensure your working area feels invigorating and a joy to spend time amongst, where color and pattern will promote creative thought and inspiration.’

9. Go for a bold accent of red 

Make your home office room a brighter and bolder space that the rest of the room. Basic color psychology can come into play here, but fundamentally whichever color you choose – it should be something you love. I think strong colors are important whatever your role: this is not a room for relaxing, you want the space to feel dynamic, energized and at your creative best. ‘It is all about personal preference and practical appeal and sometimes it just comes down to the way you style the area. Find your style – masculine or feminine – and expand from there,’ says Simon Temprell, interior design manager, Neptune (opens in new tab). 

10. Decorate in a monochromatic scheme

While monochrome decorating can be tricky to get right, a considered approach will be rewarded by a simple but impactful scheme. ‘There’s something sleek and practical about decorating with black and white, but it can look a little clinical,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘Adding a pale grey to the mix will soften the space whilst still retaining a smart element. Tapered legs on your desk and chair will give a streamlined look – ideal for a smaller home office, and choose curvy armchairs for a welcoming feel.’

How do you make an office masculine?

To make a home office appear more masculine, invest in unfussy, practical furniture. Choose functional, fluid pieces and abstract prints based on natural shapes –rediscovered and reinterpreted for today’s modern spaces.  For more home office for him, look to design icons like Florence Knoll and Arne Jacobson – and film and TV shows, such as A Single Man and Mad Men for inspiration – all of which are often well-received by the modern man.