‘It’s also the perfect time to address your outdoor space – however small – and think about how you can blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor with interior design as summer beckons. As soon as it is warm enough, I love to eat outdoors and creating a space in the garden or terrace is a must.’ ‘Create an outdoor space with hanging banners, and outdoor rugs, like those at Designers Guild (opens in new tab) (above). Using specialist outdoor approved fabrics that are water and mould-resistant, you can create an outdoor room very simply. ‘Adding outdoor cushions, like ours at Designers Guild (opens in new tab) (below) and throws makes the space more inviting  so when the weather is fine, I dress these spaces so they are always ready for an impromptu  gathering or just a cup of coffee. Mix up the textures just as you would in your home for a more layered look.’ ‘Painting a wall that leads to the garden in the same color as its inside counterpart is a great way of blurring the boundaries between in and out. It leads the eye and creates flow. This trick also works with your choice of flooring.’ ‘Eating outside always seems to be an event – something to celebrate – even when it isn’t a special occasion at all. Adding proper tablelinen, like ours at Designers Guild (opens in new tab) (below) and setting the table helps to convey this celebratory feeling. In the evening I also use lots of our candles (opens in new tab), even for a simple meal.’