All it takes is a leaky shampoo bottle in your shower, a toothpaste stain on your hand towel, or a toy-filled bath time session with your children – and your bathroom is ready to be cleaned once again. Therefore, the question of how often you should clean should really address just deep cleaning rather than day-to-day upkeep.  Knowing how to clean a bathroom effectively is important in preserving cleanliness and good personal hygiene – but knowing how often you should keep up this upkeep is equally vital. So, what does the time frame look like (with everyday care aside)? We asked the experts for the answer. 

How often should you clean your bathroom?

You should aim to clean your bathroom thoroughly once a week, according to Dorian Alves, the founder, and CEO of Silent Maids (opens in new tab). ‘Bathrooms have many different nooks and crannies that require consistent upkeep. Towels, toilet paper, and clothing also produce a lot of dust and fibers, which can cover a surface quickly, making your bathroom appear dirtier than it is. This is why a bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week,’ Dorian says.  The cleaning expert also recommends spot-cleaning at least once in between deep cleaning – and whenever you think it is necessary. When spot cleaning, Dorian suggests focusing on the areas that are prone to dirt.  ‘Things like hairspray, toothpaste, creams, and makeup can easily cover your bathroom surfaces and are very noticeable in a confined area like a washroom,’ he says.

Do bathrooms need to be cleaned every week?

Yes, as Dorian Alves, the CEO of Silent Maids, says, it is a good idea to clean your bathroom every week thoroughly. Polly Shearer at Drench (opens in new tab) agrees. However, she explains, the process doesn’t need to be long or complicated. Sharing her cleaning tips, she suggests you can split up your time into smaller chunks if it better suits your lifestyle.   ‘We recommend spending at least an hour a week cleaning your bathroom to ensure bacteria does not build up. This can be done in half an hour or 15-minute sessions to make the job easier,’ she says. 

How often should I clean the toilet bowl?

You should aim to clean your toilet once a week, according to Dorian Alves, the founder, and CEO of Silent Maids. ‘A toilet is also a breeding ground for germs, and when used by multiple people in a day, it can get dirty quickly. Cleaning a toilet once a week helps it to stay clean and sanitized and also makes each week less difficult to clean,’ the expert says. Cleaning a bathroom sink alongside your bowl ensures you can keep track of what you have cleaned – and ensure your space looks well-maintained for longer. Meanwhile, when it comes to bathroom shower ideas, James Chapman, Bella Bathrooms (opens in new tab), urges you to clean immediately after you’ve finished. ‘The dirt and fats will be loosened with the warmth, and it will be the case if a quick wipe over,’ he says.