While some cooking exhibitions can be messier than others, it is common to clean an induction cooktop after every use – even if, sometimes, it is just a quick wipe down. However, if you want a streak-free shine, it is worth following expert-approved cleaning tips for a spotless finish. 

How to clean an induction cooktop – expert steps to a streak-free finish  

However, if you’ve dirtied your induction cooktop, it’s refreshingly easy to clean. These professional kitchen ideas (opens in new tab) will teach you what you need to know. 

1. Wait for your stove to cool  

Chef and founder of Cook For Folks (opens in new tab), Anna Silver, recommends allowing your induction cooktop to cool completely before starting the clean. This process is essential to a streak-free finish, as ‘any cleaning liquid you use to dry prematurely [will leave] marks and smears.’

2. Disinfect your countertop  

Once cool, Anna suggests taking your regular disinfectant product and spraying it all over the countertop. She wipes the surface with a microfibre cloth – the tool behind spotless success. ‘It immediately leaves fewer streaks than a paper towel would – and it’s better for the environment,’ Anna says. 

3. Finish with a separate microfibre cloth 

To ensure a streak-free shine, Anna takes a separate microfibre cloth (that is free from disinfectant) and rubs it across the countertop in small circular motions. ‘By gently polishing it with this cloth, you don’t need any other type of polish – the streaks should be gone immediately.’ ‘However, if you do prefer to use another polish/cleaner on top of the disinfectant, I would recommend Method Glass Cleaner (opens in new tab) – it smells amazing and doesn’t leave any streaks,’ the expert adds.  Whether you’re cleaning your chef’s kitchen after a freshly cooked meal, or you want to impress your guests with a sparkling clean space – this method will give you the finish you desire, fast.