She is the author of four books, including her latest The Wild Journal: A Year of Nurturing Yourself Through Nature. She believes in a sustainable approach to floristry – using seasonal and locally-grown flowers where possible. Here , she shares how to put together an elegant display perfect for your summer table.


You will need

Galvanised chicken wire (more malleable to work with than normal chicken wire)Container – any container that you love (I have used a French antique breakfast bowl here)Pot tape – the thinner the gauge, the better (approx 0.4cm)SecateursGarden foliage and flowers – this is a mix of scented geranium, jasmine, garden roses and spray roses. Stems need to be smooth and clear of thorns, making it easy to arrange in the chicken wire

  1. PREPARE YOUR CONTAINER Scrunch the galvanised chicken wire and place in the container. Squash down (it is springy) so it sits under the rim of the container. Place a strip of pot tape over the mesh to secure in place and fill the container with water.
  2. TRIM YOUR STEMS Cut stems before placing in the arrangement, as every time flowers are brought out of water they seal shut, so cut on an angle to reopen so they can drink again.
  3. USE FOLIAGE TO CREATE A SHAPE Start with the foliage and build the shape of the arrangement – there is no exact stem quantity. When creating the structure, remember for a table arrangement it will be seen from all angles and should not be too high. Feed the foliage stems into the chicken wire, constantly turning the bowl and letting the leaves fall over the edge. I like the display to look finished with just foliage – it feels wild and free.
  4. ADD ROSES Once you are happy with the layer of foliage, start to add the leading ladies – the roses. I remove the leaves as I prefer the lightness of the scented geranium leaves. Add the roses to the spaces among the foliage and make sure they can be seen from different angles. Visit and for information on masterclasses and workshops. For more of Willow’s beautiful creations, follow her on Instagram @willowcrossleycreates