Properly folded, towels will stay neatly stacked and ready for use – and if you’re looking for laundry room ideas that are functional and good-looking, learning the technique is an easy win-win. 

How to fold towels

Improving your folding skills is also helpful if you’re considering how to keep towels soft. They’ll stay in better condition without excessive creasing compared to towels shoved into cupboards haphazardly.  Wash towels the right way paying attention to the laundry symbols on the tag before folding and fold them after use, too, but only once they are thoroughly dry. A heated towel rail will ensure towels dry quickly and help discourage mildew or stale odors between washes.  

How to fold towels fancy

When it comes to folding towels to keep them perfectly organized and stylishly arranged, we turned to renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo for advice. The KonMari Method™ for folding towels works for both storage and display purposes as it will keep your towels uniformly folded and tidy.  ‘Whether you plan to tuck your items into a linen closet or drawer or display them on an exposed shelf or in a glass paned cabinet, this folding technique ensures your towels are both neatly organized and visually pleasing,’ explains Marie. The technique can be applied to towels of all sizes (full size bath towels, hand towels and face towels). Step 1: Fold the towel in half lengthwise to make a rectangle. Step 2: Fold the halved towel in half width-wise (if it’s a small towel like a face cloth, you can skip this step). Step 3: Fold the towel into thirds, take one end in the middle, then put the other end over it.  Step 4: Do the standing test. If the towel is correctly folded, then it will be able stand by itself.

How to fold towels to save space

If you have plenty of space available in your linen closet, Marie recommends stacking full bath size, hand and face towels on top of each other in neat vertical stacks. However, if space is restricted and you are organizing a linen closet to make more room, rolling towels is recommended.  ‘If you need to get creative with space, hand and face towels can be rolled and stored upright and one in front of the other in drawers or baskets,’ she explains. ‘This tip can also make it more easily accessible for family and guests who need to quickly grab a hand or face towel.’ 

How to fold towels like a hotel

There are several ways to fold towels like a hotel for display on the towel racks and rails but it is wise to keep things simple, especially in busy households. One of the easiest and neatest methods is to lay the towel flat and then fold each long edge into the middle, so both of the long edges meet in the center. This will leave you with neat sides, with the washing label tucked inside. Then just lay it over the towel bar, and slide until you have equal length sides hanging down. Hang in size order, with bath sheets at the bottom, then bath towels, hand towels and finally face cloths, if required.