Whether you’re facing a recently destroyed pen or you’re preparing for the inevitable in the future, this laundry room idea will make getting ink out of a dryer easy. 

How to get ink out of a dryer – quick steps to success  

‘Drying a pen in the dryer doesn’t have to end in disaster.  It is fairly simple to get ink out of dryers.  Many people will tell you to use rubbing alcohol or acetone to get out the ink, but you don’t want anything flammable inside of your dryer,’ says The Cleaning Lady (opens in new tab), Sara San Angelo. • Soap-water solution: this one (opens in new tab) will last for many washes Optional items:  • Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean: The expert recommends this one (opens in new tab) • Bleach: your favorite (opens in new tab) will do the job In this case, the expert suggests that the most simple cleaning tips are the best way. Here’s how to get ink out of a dryer quickly and safely.  

1. Prepare for cleaning  

Home expert Joe Taylor (opens in new tab) explains that you need to ensure your dryer is turned off and unplugged before starting the cleaning process. Then, you prepare the simple cleaning mixture in a bowl  – made of equal parts of dish soap and warm water.

2. Wipe your dyer’s drum and paddles

The expert recommends letting the solution sit before wiping it out with a damp microfiber cloth.

3. Airdry your dryer 

Your dryer may be stain-free, but it is important to air-dry your appliance before it is ready for any laundry. Joe also recommends blow-drying your dryer with a hairdryer to ensure it is completely dry before receiving any clothes.  

What should you do if the ink remains?

It is always better to try and keep your clean as natural as possible; however, if the ink is particularly stubborn, then Joe suggests using bleach as a solution. If you know how to use bleach in laundry, then you may already recognize its power in your laundry room, and your dryer is no exception.  ‘If your dryer is dry and there’s still ink stain left, you can try using bleach,’ the expert says. ‘Mix equal parts of water and bleach in a bowl, then dip a whole towel in the solution and wring out the towel,’ Joe explains. You should then through it into the dryer and turn on the power for around 30 minutes.  After the cycle is complete, it is a good idea to clean your dryer with freshwater to protect your clothes from bleach stains.