Knowing how to get rid of wasps in all parts of the home may feel like a pressing issue, but your porch is one of the most important places to keep insect-free. This space is often frequented by your family, friends, and guests – so you’re going to want to know how to keep this species away. 

Why are wasps attracted to your porch?  

‘During the summer months, wasps are desperately trying to find a place to place a nest. Most people’s porches are great spots for this because of the many corners and cover that the roofs over these porches can provide,’ explains Pest Control Expert Kevin Behe from TermMax (opens in new tab).  The expert explains that wasps need two important things to make a home on your porch a source of protein for their young to feed on – and carbohydrates to fuel themselves. Therefore, he suggests keeping these in mind when planning your front porch ideas this summer.  According to Kevin, their primary source of carbs comes from nectar-producing plants, especially flowers, that are common on all porches. ‘Wasps will hunt spiders, aphids, and other small insects for food for their young. Keeping spider webs cleaned off the porch and other bugs away will deter wasps’, he says. 

How to keep wasps away from your porch – 3 expert tips to keep them at bay

These are not the only factors you need to remember when keeping this insect away from your porch. The expert expands below. 

1. Use ultrasonic pest repellers

If you’ve ever had to look for how to get rid of mice or other common pests, then you may already know about the power of an ultrasonic pest repeller.  ‘If you’re looking for a method that does not involve chemicals, this is the way to go. Ultrasonic pest repellers emit a sound that humans won’t hear, but wasps cannot stand,’ Jake says. This will deter other animals, too, so your porch will be pest-free throughout the season. 

2. Keep pet food away from the porch  

If you’re living with pets, then you’ll be aware of the strong scent that comes with pet food. And while it may seem like a good idea to bring your dog or cat food outside (especially in summer when they spend more time outdoors), it could be a problem in the long run.  ‘Wasps thrive on pet food. The easiest fix here would be to keep it away from your porch,’ the expert warns. Removing pet food dishes is also a winning strategy in getting rid of rats and banishing raccoons, too.

3. Surround your porch with the right plants 

While some plants (particularly nectar-producing species) may attract wasps, other kitchen garden ideas effectively deter the insect.  ‘Some good examples are mint, citronella, lemongrass, and spearmint. The good news is they’re very low-maintenance, so you don’t need a green thumb,’ he adds.  

What smells will keep wasps away?  

Jake shared that citronella, mint, and lemongrass are great front and back porch ideas that will keep wasps away. But what is the best way to introduce these scents to your space?  ‘Citronella oil is a popular choice, as it’s known for repelling insects,’ recommends Paul Dinham, a wasp expert from Bee Life (opens in new tab). He suggests diffusing the oil near your porch or applying it directly to the area. ‘Other smells that work include eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil,’ he says. 

Do dryer sheets keep wasps away? 

Yes, they do. If you’re wondering how to keep wasps away from your porch using dryer sheets, then the process is easy. ‘Simply place a sheet or two near where the wasps congregate, and they should stay away,’ Paul says. So, there are even more benefits to air-drying your laundry this summertime.