Knowing how to keep flies out of the house is important, as no flies should mean no maggots. But if they do manage to infest your space, it’s essential to know that maggots pose an ever greater threat in your home.  This notorious pest can lead to animal sickness – and they pose a significant problem if they get into food that is destined for human consumption. Therefore, if you’ve had a sighting, learning how to kill maggots instantly should be a priority. 

How to kill maggots instantly – expert advice for pest prevention and cure  

Maggots can survive for 8-10 days before turning into a fly, but they can cause a lot of damage during that time. Here’s what you need to know when contending with the pest.  Michael Thome, an associated certified entomologist with Western Exterminator (opens in new tab), recommends making your space unattractive to flies before you actually have an infestation of maggots. The easiest way to do this is by maintaining a clean trash can.  ‘Make sure that all trash placed in cans is in a bag. If the trash is especially nasty or attractive (for example, pet waste), consider placing it in a smaller bag first, then into the larger bag,’ Michael says. He also suggests ensuring all trash cans have lids that seal properly and consider replacing a can with holes from years of use. Though, if you already have maggots in your home, the expert resorts to the boiled water method (explained below) to get rid of them permanently.

1. Boiling water  

According to Michael, boiling water is the most impactful way to kill maggots quickly. ’Maggots are actually highly vulnerable to many things. They consist mostly of protein, which makes them most vulnerable to boiling water,’ emphasizes pest control expert Nicholas Martin (opens in new tab).  Nicholas explains that boiling water causes protein coagulation and kills maggots instantly – and naturally. ‘Don’t forget that maggots can live in cool and warm water, so it must be boiling to kill them,’ he says.  And Nicholas isn’t the only person who practises this technique. Pest expert Ray Brosnan (opens in new tab) similarly recommends pouring boiling water over the area where the maggots are gathering to remove them quickly.  ‘All you need to do is rinse away the remains afterward; a sprinkling of baking soda over the area is recommended after the scalding to eliminate any bad smells that may linger,’ Ray adds.  After cleaning with baking soda, all residue of these maggots should disappear completely. 

2. Lime juice and salt  

For an equally organic solution, the expert suggests spraying the maggots with warm water mixed with concentrated lime juice and salt. This natural DIY remedy will ensure your home is maggot-free quickly. Plus, many of these ingredients are pantry staples that you may already have hidden in your kitchen cupboard. 

3. Bleach and water mixture  

While boiling water is often powerful enough to eliminate maggots permanently, you can also tackle this pest with a bleach mixture. This method is not as natural as the first, but Nicholas explains that it’s equally as powerful.  ‘You can mix bleach 50/50 with water and pour it onto maggots to kill them quickly,’ he says. ‘If the maggots are in your trash can, you can also close it after pouring bleach inside to kill those maggots that are not covered with the liquid with toxic bleach fumes.’ Now you know how to kill maggots instantly; the only thing left is to decide which method you use to regain control over your space. 

Does salt kill maggots?

Yes, salt effectively kills maggots – when paired with lime juice. When creating your lime-based mixture, you should add a generous amount of salt to guarantee success against the pest. Plus, you can use salt and water to disinfect your bin before you notice any maggots – to ensure they stay away for good. 

What kills maggots besides bleach?

In most cases, you can usually get rid of maggots using boiling water alone. However, in a particularly bad infestation, pest control expert Nicholas Martin suggests mixing bleach 50/50 with water before pouring it onto maggots to get rid of them instantly.