A dried orange garland can be decorated with ribbons, spices and herbs for more color and scent. Or why not add pine cones and leaves for a more natural look? When you make a Christmas garland of any kind, adding seasonal spices, foraged finds, garden cuttings and a few craft store basics, will give it a personalized look. And while you can buy dried orange slices (opens in new tab), you can also dry orange slices at home easily yourself.

How to make an orange slice garland.

If you don’t want to make a new one, give your existing Christmas garlands a pep up with berries and dried orange slices. You will need:

1. Thread the first slice

Using the twine, thread and tie on the first orange slice, securing this in place so it doesn’t slip.

 2. Add more orange slices

Continue adding more slices by pushing the twine through the top and bottom of the slices. Don’t worry about wrong or right sides as the slices with twist around independently as you go. 

3. Introduce scent with cinnamon

Tie in a couple of cinnamon sticks – a group works better than just one. Simply knot in place along the twine.

4. Add other decorations

If using, add color and texture with a ribbon. Tie in place on the twine in a bow.

5. Bring in berries and flowers

Introduce more color, texture and scent with herbs, faux or fresh berries and flowers. Keep it random for a home-made quality mixing up ingredients as you go by simply tying in place.

 6. Hang up

Hang and drape round your home. Using in single garlands for simplicity or in doubled or tripled amounts for added wow factor. 

How do you dry orange slices for a garland?

Slice up fresh oranges (to a maximum of ¼in thick), then pat each segment on either side with kitchen paper to make them as dry as possible. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay the orange slices out side by side. Bake in a hot oven (250℉) for 2.5 hours. For speed, you can even dry orange slices in an air fryer.

How long will a dried orange garland last?

A dried orange garland will last around two years if you keep it somewhere bone dry and cool. Ideally, it should be stored in paper and then inside an air-tight lidded container. If any moisture reaches it, it will quickly start to rot.