Make a fall wreath to decorate your front door, entryway mirror or dining table, and fill your home with fall color. Thinking beyond fall wreath ideas, the twiggy base of this fall wreath also makes the perfect base for making a Halloween wreath or Thanksgiving wreath, with seasonal decorations and foliage easily swapped in.  It’s really easy to make this fall wreath with just a few shop-bought basics, seasonal foliage and flowers. Why not have a go?

How to make a fall wreath

There are a few basic ingredients you will need to make this fall wreath. We have suggested where to buy some of them, and other outdoor fall decor ideas. You will need: 

1. Start with the base

Push some twigs into your wreath base. Ours measures 12in wide and the twigs were sourced from foraging around the yard.

2. Bring in some foliage

Add fall foliage by pushing and wiring it into position. Use around the wreath to give a overall decor touch to the twigs.

3. Style up with flowers

Position the first layer of flowers around the wreath and secure into place. Position equally around the wreath. We used dyed hydrangea blooms.

4. Add dimension with hero flowers

Wire spray roses and berries into the wreath. These can be position equally in clusters like we’ve done or free form depending on the look you’d like to end up with.

5. Add in the last details

Add extra texture with seed heads. Position around wreath to bring an autumnal highlight. Finish with a wreath bow to decorate.

6. Hang up in your home.

Display on a door outdoors or in, over an entryway mirror or on a dining room table. 

What do you put in a fall wreath?

The best ingredients for a fall wreath are those that are directly related to the season: from bare twigs to rich, orange leaves, pine cones and even mini pumpkins. The base of your fall wreath may well dictate how you decorate it: if you are making a pine cone wreath, you may want to only add color with touches of decor, perhaps with ribbons; if you are making a burlap wreath, you will probably want to boost the neutrals by wiring in everything from acorns to berries (real or faux). 

When can I put up my fall wreath?

If you are wondering when you should start decorating for fall, including putting up your fall wreath, the answer really is: as soon as you start to feel it’s time.  ‘Though officially the end of September heralds the arrival of fall, in truth, summer often feels like it’s come to an end at the beginning of the month, and many of us feel ready to say goodbye summer and ready to get that welcoming fall wreath up on the front door,’ says Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief, Homes & Gardens.