A Halloween wreath will be the focal point of your Halloween decorating ideas, though, as we have said, it needn’t be limited to your outdoor Halloween decor.  Even better, the base can be re-purposed from fall wreath ideas and then repurposed again for a Thanksgiving wreath with a simple swap-in, swap-out of decorative details.  The key base ingredients of the Halloween wreath below are super easy to source –we have listed some suggestions below – making this an easy-to-achieve make.

How to make a Halloween wreath

Make a Halloween wreath for your Halloween door decor ideas or to boost your Halloween table decor.  You will need:

1. Start with a base twig layer

Wire some twigs to a twig wreath base. Start at the bottom pointing the branches outwards from the wreath, working up and around, leaving a gap at the top. Ours were painted black for extra spooky styling.

2. Bring in berries and leaves

Add in berries and dried foliage, starting from the bottom and working your way around the wreath until you have even coverage. 

3. Work up the coverage

Work the stems and berries up and around the wreath leaving a gap at the top.

4. Add a faux bird

Wire in a faux bird to the bottom of the wreath. Position so the bird is looking into the wreath to draw the eye.

5. Add further spooky style

Attach miniature bats by wiring onto wreath. Pepper them throughout the wreath for good coverage.

6. Bring the finishing touches

Attach a wreath bow and hang in your chosen spooky setting

How do you make a fabric Halloween wreath

You can use the basic instructions for making a burlap wreath then pin on and wire in color with fall flowers and ribbons, and Halloween decorations. This is the simplest way to make a fabric Halloween wreath.