Perfect for year-round home-fragrancing, the twiggy base is also perfect as a Christmas wreath idea, into which seasonal foliage can be substituted. Make yours now for Christmas then refresh for spring, Easter and beyond. It’s super easy to make with just a few store-bought basics, willow twigs and star anise. Why not have a go?

How to make a star anise wreath

You can easily make a Christmas wreath like this very quickly and with very few ingredients. And although star anise wreaths are an easy, pretty element, you can swap them out for anything from small pine cones to holly and berry twists for a similar effect.  You will need:

1. Assemble your ingredients

Ready all the craft elements and soak fresh willow in water for a couple of hours to make it pliable. 

2. Bend and flex

Work the willow into a circular shape, twisting the branch back on itself to keep in place.

3. Twist again

Add more willow until desired thickness, twisting the ends in as you go.

4. Add the star anise

Glue the star anise separately to the wreath using a strong craft glue. 

5. Space out the spices

Continue adding and gluing the spices until happy with the amount on the wreath. Top tip – an odd number usually looks more visually appealing than an even one.

6. Add a bit of color

Use ribbon twisted around the wreath to add a seasonal shade. Wrap it tightly around the wreath – we used a wired ribbon to help hold the shape.

7. Hang up in your home 

Enjoy the wreath in your home. Due to the size it can be easily positioned or hung on mantels, as Christmas door decor, or even balanced over handles and latches.

How long does a dried herb wreath last?

Dried herbs and spices last for months, although their scents will begin to fade after a couple of weeks or so. You can also make fresh herb wreaths which will dry on the wreath, prolonging their lives further.