Learn how to make wreath bows and you can also use them to adorn other seasonal decorations, such as Christmas trees. You can even add them to gifts and flower arrangements. If you choose to make a fall wreath using this bow, then add a wreath bow in a different color to update it for your Thanksgiving wreath ideas, and again when you make a Christmas wreath… and so on into spring. Easy to make, our wreath bow only requires three ingredients which can be easily sourced; you may even already have them at home. 

How to make a wreath bow

To make a wreath bow like the one above, simply choose a ribbon in a color that contrasts with or complements the decoration you are adding it to. You will need:

1. Begin with a loop

Leaving a long length of ribbon at the base, make a loop at the top of your ribbon.

2. Add the second loop

Make another ribbon loop on top of the first making sure it is perfectly in line with the first. Our loops measured about 6in. 

3. Continue adding ribbon loops

Continue doing this. It might be easier to clip the loops together as you work.

4. Tie ribbon loops together

Tie loops together with wire or a chenille twist. Tying tightly together with a twist.

5. Neaten the bow

Cover the tie with another loop of ribbon then secure this at the back with the wire of chenille twist.

6. Primp and arrange

Cut off the ends of the ribbon to your desired choice and fan out the loops. You are now ready to attach your wreath bow.

How much ribbon do you need to make a bow for a wreath?

The amount of ribbon you use to make a bow for a wreath really depends on how large the bow needs to be – for a 12in wreath, the bow needs to be around 4in wide to be in proportion – and how full you want it to be. For our 12in wreath, we used around 36in of ribbon to make the bow.