Our advice? Choose a warm base color for your wreath, like the one above, then use it to make a fall wreath, then add to and update it to make Thanksgiving wreath ideas, or use it to make a Christmas wreath… and so on into spring. 

How to make a mesh wreath

There are a few basic ingredients you will need to make this mesh wreath. We have suggested where to buy some of them. You will need: 

1. Cut ribbon squares

Cut the lengths of mesh to your chosen length. Once tied they need to be long enough to cover the wreath frame. As a guide, for our 12 inch frame, we used 84 6x6in squares in a choice of three colors.

2. Roll the mesh squares

Roll the mesh into tight curls. It might be easier to hold or clip these together as you work.

3. Pinch and twist

Group together and tie with a chenille twist making two tight twists at the back. We twisted three different colors together for interest. Do this for all the mesh pieces.

4. Add the first mesh group

Tie the mesh group on to the wreath frame, securing on the central two wires, leaving the chenille twist long underneath for now.

5. Continue around the frame

Repeat with the rest of the mesh, pushing the groups together so as to form volume and a dense appearance.

6. Check for gaps

On completing, with the mesh, there should be no wreath wires showing.

7. Neaten underneath

Flip the wreath over wrong side facing and tie of the longer chenille twists then snip with scissors.

8. Add the finishing touches.

Flip back over to right side facing and add tie on a complementary bow at the top.

How many rolls of mesh does it take to make a wreath?

We used 84 6x6in curls of mesh ribbon to make a 12in mesh wreath. That is approximately 14 yards of; using three different mesh ribbon colors, this will mean buying three 5 yard mesh ribbon lengths. This will make a fairly full wreath on a 12in base; for a less full wreath, you could manage with 10 yards. But for the proportionately small extra cost and time to finish the mesh wreath, it is worth making it as full as possible. 

How many yards of mesh do I need for a 14 inch wreath?

For a 14in wreath, you will need 15 to 16 yards of mesh ribbon. This should give you a full wreath.