Stylist Sara Bird created this Easter table centerpiece for us, using classic seasonal ‘ingredients’ including eggshells, alongside dried and fresh flowers. It doesn’t take long to make, but it will complement your existing Easter decorations to bring the season to life in your home.

How to make an Easter table centerpiece

Make a simple yet beautiful floral feature with eggshells arranged in a circular shape. This simple yet stunning Easter table centerpiece can be used around your home – as Easter table decorations for the dining room, mantelpiece or entryway console. ‘The beauty of this piece is that it takes humble materials, such as hen eggs and flowers picked from the garden, and turns them into a glorious decorative piece,’ says creator Sara Bird.

1. Prepare the eggs

Blow the contents of duck eggs out and keep for later, then wash and dry the eggs. Break the tops of the eggs away using a pair of scissors to make a miniature vase. To make blown eggs, take a needle and make a small hole at the top of the egg, and a slightly larger one at the base. Cover the holes with your fingers and shake the egg to scramble, then blow the contents out. If you don’t want to do this with your mouth, insert a paper straw into the top hole and blow. Collect the egg in a bowl for use later.

2. Group the eggs into a circular shape

Using a circular template or freehand, line the eggs up on white tack to create a wreath shape.

3. Add foliage

Snip flowers and foliage down to a suitable small height then add to the vases. Use dried or woody varieties to hold their shape or keep fresh for longer. As an extra detail, and to hide the white tack, wrap a little raffia around the base of the arrangement. 

What crafts can I make for an Easter table centerpiece?

Your Easter craft ideas for a table can range from an Easter flower arrangement or Easter wreath, made with natural materials such as blossom boughs, fresh spring flowers and blown eggshells, through to cute bunny and chick-themed makes perfect for children. ‘It’s really about how you like to celebrate the occasion and your personal style,’ says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. ‘Don’t feel you have to stick to just one look.’ For sustainable and eco-friendly Easter table centerpiece ideas, think about natural, foraged and found materials. ‘Paper cups and cardboard egg boxes, wool pompoms and colored card are ideal for children’s makes,’ says Andréa. ‘For your grown-up crafting, gather twigs, eggshells, flowers, moss and stones to create Easter gardens, centerpieces and floral displays.’

How do you make Easter table centerpieces special at home?

‘My tip is to think about how you would decorate a table centerpiece at Christmas or other holidays, and add an Easter twist,’ says stylist Sara Bird. ‘An Easter wreath, an Easter tree, themed table settings and Easter flower arrangement will bring the season alive throughout your home.’