You would be forgiven for believing that the perfect slumber comes down to your bedroom’s interior choices – from the color of your walls to the best mattress for your personal needs. However, while these factors are undeniably influential, knowing how to store a mattress before use is similarly impactful.  Whether you’re moving house, decorating, or storing a mattress for a specific time in the future, it is important to ensure you take care of your springs and prevent wear and tear on the exterior. Here’s how to store a mattress correctly – to sleep better, and protect your investment, according to experts.  

How to store a mattress – according to experts

Mattresses’ are notoriously tricky to store, thanks to their large surface area and heavy nature. Though, with the right tips, you can protect this bathroom staple from harm. Here are three important points to follow where possible.  

1. Attempt to lay the mattress flat

While it is not always to lay your mattress flat, Laurie Goldsmith from REM-Fit (opens in new tab) recommends doing so where possible. ‘If you have space, always store the mattress lying flat as if it was on a bed base,’ they say. ‘This will protect the inner workings of a sprung mattress and help the mattress retain its shape.’ If you can not accommodate a flat mattress in your home, it could be a good idea to place the furnishing in your garage. That way, your mattress will be out of sight  –  meaning it is less likely to get damaged in daily life. If storing your mattress flat, consider flipping your mattress occasionally to ensure it doesn’t wear out from its own weight over long periods.

2. Limit the risk of falling

If you do not have space to lay your mattress flat in a spare room or garage, you can still store the piece against the wall without damaging its strings. However, Laurie warns that this comes with extra caution.  ‘Depending on the mattress, it will likely start to buckle under its own weight, so check it regularly and rotate it,’ she says.  ‘If you have the space and a spare item of furniture available, sandwich the mattress against the wall to help keep it upright and tall – be careful to make sure the item of furniture cannot fall over.’

3. Invest in mattress encasement  

If you position your mattress in the best way possible and use a case to protect it from damage, you will preserve those all-important springs that directly impact your sleep. So, if you’re looking to improve your bedroom ideas while moving or decorating, knowing how to store a mattress correctly is one of the best things you can do.