Many home improvement experts often opt for a drain snake when unclogging blockages (so many, in fact, that it’s also aptly known as a plumber’s snake in the industry). And it’s easy to see the appeal behind the tool.  Whether you’re looking to unclog a toilet without a plunger, you need to unclog a sink, or deal with other blockages, these tips can help.

How does a drain snake work?

‘A drain snake is a long, flexible metal coil that is inserted into a clogged drain to clear the blockage,’ says plumbing expert at Green Leaf Air (opens in new tab), Walter Bennett. 

How to use a drain snake – professional tips for a quick solution 

Here, the professionals share their advice, so you can learn how to use a drain snake – the expert way.  

1. Identify the stoppage  

Before picking up your drain snake, Kevin Wade from Empire Sewer and Water NJ (opens in new tab) recommends checking whether the blockage is in the individual drain, stack, or sewer line. ‘How can you tell? Easy, if there are multiple drains blocked, [it’s likely], they are in the stack line. If there are multiple drains blocked in the basement or ground level, then it’s most likely the sewer line. If it’s just one drain blocked, it’s [probably] in the individual drain,’ he says. 

2. Determine the size of the drain 

After identifying the stoppage, Kevin urges you to establish the size of the drain that will be snaked. ‘For residence tubs, sinks, and laundry, usually drains range between 1 1/4" -2" in circumference,’ he says.   A drain snake can be the ideal solution when you want to unclog a shower drain or unclog a bathroom drain.

3. Inset the snake into the drain  

Before beginning this step, the plumber urges you to use eye protection and gloves to ensure you’re safe when operating the snaking machine.  ‘Insert the drain snake cable into the open drain area and power on, allowing the snake to operate and relieve stoppage. You will know stoppage is relieved once the water starts to flow through the drain,’ Kevin says. You can test its success by running water for about 5 minutes to ensure a natural drain of the water. If the blockage remains, Kevin recommends repeating the process. 

Is a drain snake easy to use? 

When following professional kitchen and bathroom ideas, you will likely have success in unblocking most stoppages at home. However, if the issue continues after following these steps, Kevin recommends contacting a professional drain service with access to commercial-grade snaking. 

Should I snake my own drain? 

If your blockage is not too big, you can achieve professional results yourself. ‘Using a drain snake is a great way to clear your pipes of any blockages. It is an easy process and can be done by anyone,’ Walter says. ‘Be sure to follow the safety precautions, and you will be good to go.’