Knowing how to use an onion to clean your grill is a refreshingly simple way to ensure your BBQ comes up spotless after you’ve finished eating, but its benefits don’t end there.  When thinking about how to clean grill grates, there are several effective solutions available, but this organic method is one of the most natural options you can choose.  This technique is also a great alternative for the avid chefs amongst us, as this method will fill your BBQ with flavor (instead of product residue) for your next event. Because that all-important taste comes down to more than investing in one of the best grills or best gas grills. Here the experts share what you need to know about this natural cleaning trick.

How to use an onion to clean your grill – according to the experts 

When it comes to using an onion to clean your grill, the steps to success are simple. Dan Cooper, Head Grill Master at Weber (opens in new tab), explains that you should use stick half a raw onion (cut side down) on the end of your BBQ fork or tong – then scrub the grates back and forth until clean. It is best to complete this when the grill is still warm – to maximize success. 

Why are onions good for cleaning your grill? 

‘Onions are acidic and will pick up the grease that’s left behind, as well as any small specks of dirt and carbon,’ Dan explains. ‘I use this method regularly, and it really helps keep my cooking grates in good shape.’ Andrew Lovell, the Product Manager at LANDMANN (opens in new tab), adds that the water in the onion will help to ‘steam the grime away,’ so you are left ‘with a glistening grill with minimal effort.’  If you’re faced with charred remains that are particularly hard to clean, it can be a good idea to spray lemon or vinegar onto your onion. The acidity will break down all grime and leave you with a perfect clean. 

Are there any onion alternatives? 

Whilst knowing how to use an onion to clean your grill is a failsafe way to achieve a spotless BBQ, it never hurts to flirt with alternatives. Deni Ivanov, the Digital Marketing Director at Royal Cleaning (opens in new tab), suggests that corn husks offer a similar cleaning alternative that works in a similar way to onions.  ‘You may have heard about using tin foil or onions as scrubbers for barbeque grills, but dried-up corn husks cut in half or quarters work just as brilliantly as natural scrubbers,’ he says. Deni also recommends soaking them in white vinegar for an even greater result.  So, your BBQ is officially amongst the things you can clean with vinegar – we’re taking this news into summer. Don’t forget to raid your pantry after your next party concludes.