A silk pillowcase is reputed to do wonders for both your hair and skin, and it’s certainly a way to bring five-star style to a bedroom – and bring a touch of glamor to your laundry room ideas, too.  A silk pillowcase isn’t as hard to wash as you might suppose if you haven’t owned one before, and we’ve put together an expert guide to care.

How to wash a silk pillowcase

It’s possible to wash a silk pillowcase in the washing machine or by hand when you‘re cleaning a bedroom.  You should always check the laundry symbols on the manufacturer‘s label, but as Wayne Edelman, CEO of high-end dry cleaning service Meurice Garment Care (opens in new tab) says, ‘The origin of silk used as a textile dates back to ancient China. There was no dry cleaning at this time only “washing”. We use silk pillow protectors in my house and maintain them at home.’ However, just like washing bed sheets made from silk, there are cleaning tips you need to follow when caring for a silk pillowcase. ‘Stay away from hot temperatures, excessive agitation, do not wring, do not use fabric softeners, do not dry with excessive heat,’ cautions Wayne. These are the details on how to wash a silk pillowcase, and they’ll help make slipping among the best bed sheets after a long day a very welcome experience. Wondering about the pillow inside it? You should wash pillows as well, but one of these won’t need such frequent care as the pillowcase you lay your head on each night.

How to wash a silk pillowcase in a washing machine

The golden rules on how to wash a silk pillowcase if you want to put it into the machine? ‘Set to a gentle cycle, cold water and use the softest detergent you can find,’ says Steve Evans, owner of house cleaning service Memphis Maids (opens in new tab). ‘If you have many pieces of clothing that are made of silk, you should buy a silk and wool detergent. These two fabrics are very particular so it’s not surprising that they have a detergent meant just for them.’ It’s also a good idea to put a silk pillowcase inside a mesh laundry bag which will protect it from snags and abrasion during the washing cycle.

How to wash a silk pillowcase by hand

As an alternative to putting it into the washing machine, you could wash a silk pillowcase by hand.  ‘Cool water, gentle hand wash detergent and sufficient rinsing will provide great results for hand washing silk pillowcases at home,’ says Wayne Edelman. ‘Do not wring out.’

How to remove stains from a silk pillowcase

Like other bed linens, silk pillowcases can become stained with fluids such as sweat – which we can’t help but lose as we sleep – makeup that hasn’t been removed entirely before bed, or spills. Treat any stains before washing a silk pillowcase using the same neutral detergent as you will for washing. ‘To remove stains, add a small amount of detergent directly on the stain and rub with your fingers,’ says Alessandro Gazzo of Emily’s Maids (opens in new tab) of Dallas, Texas. ‘Do not use bleach or any other strong chemical product.’ 

How to dry a silk pillowcase

To dry a silk pillowcase, you can lay it flat on a towel. Make sure it is not in direct sunlight, which can damage the delicate fibers of the material. Otherwise, check the label as you may be able to use a dryer on a low heat. ‘It is best to remove slightly damp and allow the final drying to occur naturally,’ recommends Wayne Edelman.

How often should you wash a silk pillowcase?

A silk pillowcase should be washed regularly and changed as often as you change your bedsheets. ‘Typically we clean pillowcases and sheets together on a weekly or twice weekly schedule,’ says Wayne Edelman.

Can you put silk pillowcases in the washing machine?

It is possible to put silk pillowcases in the washing machine. ‘For machine washing, you must use something called a laundry bag,’ says Alessandro Gazzo. ‘You can place your silk pillowcase inside for protection and toss it in the machine. You should use cold water, too. Hot water can stretch out natural fibers and weaken them once they return to their regular state. Of course, use a delicate cycle as well. A regular cycle will create too much friction between the fibers.’

Are silk pillowcases worth it?

Silk pillowcases are undoubtedly a luxurious and beautiful choice – but there’s more to them than that. ‘Silk is a textile with some interesting properties,’ says board certified dermatologist and textile expert Erum N Ilyas of AmberNoon (opens in new tab) and Schweiger Dermatology (opens in new tab).  ‘It is considered hydrophobic compared to other textiles in that it repels and prevents absorption of droplets. It has good breathability and can be cleaned easily.’ As for the durability of silk pillowcases? ‘Remember, as with cotton pillowcases, nothing lasts forever. However, silk pillowcases get softer and more cuddly with age,’ says Wayne Edelman.