Don’t get me wrong, this was a big purchase as these machines often do not come cheap. Or at least the size I needed for my home didn’t. I spent a few hours researching the best dehumidifiers to figure out which was the best for me before finally committing to the investment. Luckily, it all paid off!  Here are all the reasons I would never live without my dehumidifier again, and why I think you need one too. 

1. It helps to dry my clothes indoors, and they smell fresher too

After I tried a heated airer and wanted to avoid using a tumble dryer again I was a little weary about drying my clothes inside. Drying clothes indoors, especially in the winter, is one of the main causes of dampness in a home, and, having dealt with mold in a student property before, I never wanted to repeat the experience again.  After working out how much it costs to run a dehumidifier, I realized that the combination of my heated airer and new gadget still came out cheaper than a dryer cycle. What’s more, my clothes started to smell fresher and dry quicker than drying them without the dehumidifier running.  It even helped my house smell like fresh linens too.

2. My kitchen has never suffered from damp since

My tiny kitchen is a space I have struggled with a lot since moving in, and dampness is just another problem on the list. Given that I am working with such small kitchen ideas, cooking anything always leads to a build-up of condensation – even with the extractor hood running.  I came to realize the water in the air was a dire problem when my salt was clumping in its container no matter if I left it on the counter or tucked it away in a cupboard. In fact, it was this that finally pushed me to buy a dehumidifier in the first place.  When my machine first arrived the kitchen was the first place I put it. To say I was shocked at how much water it removed from the air in just two hours is an understatement. My dehumidifier had removed almost two pints in its first two hours.  I never worry about dampness in the kitchen anymore – oh, and my salt is better now too.

3. It reduces my partner’s allergies 

I share my house with my partner and his allergies are far worse than mine. What we didn’t realize was just how much the water in the air was affecting him until we let the dehumidifier run continuously for 12 hours one day. We are yet to buy one of the best air purifiers, but the dehumidifier seems to have done most of the work already. It not only helps to thin the air making it easier to breathe with asthma but also helps to get rid of dust mites as the pests struggle to survive in environments with less than 65% humidity.   It is satisfying going to bed each night knowing the air around me is cleaner. I just have to make sure not to dry the air out too much, as too low a humidity can cause respiratory illnesses and sore throats.

4. My home smells better 

I am forever looking at ways to make a home smell nice, especially in the entryway and living room where guests first enter my home. The most unexpected effect of my new dehumidifier was the fact it helped make my home smell fresher which, in turn, can help make a home feel welcoming.  Even the smallest dehumidifier can be effective at removing odors from a home, particularly damp and musty smells, making my air fresheners and best candles more effective. My house has never smelt so delicious.

Do dehumidifiers clean air?

A dehumidifier does not clean the air but simply helps to remove excess water from the air. While it may take in some dust from the air through its normal functions, it is not the same as an air purifier. The unit’s portable design is the perfect size to keep your bathrooms, closets, and other small rooms free from excess moisture year-round. Use regularly to maintain comfortable humidity levels and to keep your home free from allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew. This Energy Star Haier 20 pint Portable Dehumidifier removes up to 20 pints of water from the air every 24 hours. This model is ideal for damp room conditions, anywhere in the home, bedroom, basement or garage.  Ideal for spaces greater than 3000 sq. ft, the Danby dehumidifier has auto restart to restart your unit after a power failure and an auto de-icer to prevent frost build-up. 

Is it ok to sleep in a room with a dehumidifier?

It is perfectly safe to sleep in a room with a dehumidifier, although you should make sure to set the machine to turn off once your desired humidity level has been reached. A room with too low a humidity can lead to respiratory illnesses and discomfort.